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Born on Sept. 15, 1947
His tour of duty began on Nov. 21, 1968
Casualty was on Feb. 23, 1969

Panel 31W - - Line 16

Tom Price, India Co. 3/7

Pfc. Thomas Price served with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, India Company.
His fellow Marines will never forget. Semper Fi, Brother Marines.

Fellow Marine

My name is Phil Musta. I was with I 3/7 from JUL 68 to MAY 69. I remember Price, we weren't close or anything, but I still can visualize what he looks like. I recall that he was from Hawaii and that he had a friend he hung around with that was Hawaiian, Kalakanne was his name, but I probably spelled it wrong. I recall Price was a good Marine, cleancut and quiet. It was a sad day for us when he left our Company. I hope this is consoling. Semper Fidelis!~Phil

India 3/7 Marines Chester Kaliekini and Tom Price (right)

Tom Price (back) and Robert Fields

Tommy's Going Away Party
Torrance, California
November 1968

Tommy Price was from Torrance, CA. He was a member of Bay Cities Surf Club (Hermosa Beach), Magoos Car Club (Hermosa Beach), Bedouins Car Club (Gardena), and was a black belt in karate trained at Chuck Norris Karate School (Redondo Beach) before joining the Marine Corps. His friends had a going away party for him before he left for Nam... three months later we heard he was Killed In Action.

Magoos Car Club plaque, Tommy drove a '54 black Chevy
(Magoos Car Club plaque courtesy of Bill Junge, Magoos Car Club 57-59)

Tommy's "Little Sisters"
Debbe and Marsha Hurst
Nov. '68

    Hello my dear friend. It's been 30 long years 
since I last heard your voice, or saw your smiling face. 
Every Feb. 23, I wake up with a heaviness in my heart knowing
 that was the day your young life ended. 

A few weeks ago, I heard from some of your friends,
Jimmy Smith and Tom Smith,
 Marines who were in with you in Vietnam. 
They speak highly of you, and of your courage under fire. 
I am so glad to have found them because for all these years, 
I never knew what happened. 

Now I know you were with some mighty fine 
Marines from India Company 3/7.
 I will never forget you, Tommy, nor will they.
God bless you forever.

"Little Sister"
November 1998

Keep on Surfin' Brother!


Edward Wolfendale Memorial

India 3/7 Marines

(India 3/7  Memorial graphic by Vic Vilionis)
(Vietnam pictures of Tom Price from Jim LaChapelle, India 3/7)
(India 3/7 flag courtesy of George Sager)
(Background by Redeye)