Jim Bisesi, 1967

Jim Bisesi, H&S 3/5  Enlisted 1946. Retired 1974. I joined 3/5 in November 1967 to December 1968. Served as Adjutant with 23 collateral duties. One of these duties included Executive Officer of H&S Company from September to December 1968. 

    Another and most self-rewarding was Postal Officer. Assuring all Marines in the field received their mail in an expeditious manner. 

    Major Awards: Bronze Star Medal w/Combat "V," Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry W/ Silver Star. Semper Fi. ~Jim Bisesi


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3/5 Reunion 2001 in La Grange, Georgia

Mike 3/5 Marines

Front row from left: Tom Wityak, Joe Smith, Craig Sullivan, Jim Blankenheim, Terry O'tell.
Back row from left: Jerry Lomax, Denny Dinota, Jim Bisesi, Rock Giambrocco, Brad Reynolds, Ken Fields.

3/5 Reunion 2002

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Jim's impromptu raffle...guess who won??

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Gen. Davis, Jim Bisesi, Sgt. Maj. Wright

226th USMC Birthday..."Oldest Marine" 

Operation ESSEX


Operation AUBURN

Operation HOUSTON

Operation HOUSTON II

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