Bob Montgomery, Mike 3/5

Bob Montgomery, Mike 3/5 Served with 1st platoon, M Co. 3rd Bn. 5th Marines from Sept. 67-Feb. 68. Got there just as Operation SWIFT ended, not long after Father Capodanno was killed. Participated on Operation SHELBYVIILLE (Oct.), ESSEX (Nov.), AUBURN (TET '68, Jan.-Feb.), and many "No Names" and ambushes and patrols.

Was severely wounded 7 Feb. 68 just after the TET Offensive when we walked into a village, and into a company-sized NVA ambush. A lot of dead Marines were taken out that day.

After recovering back in the States, went into law enforcement, recently retired from the Sheriff's Dept. in Saginaw, Michigan where he lives with his wife, Nancy. Son Shane also enlisted in the Marines, and served with India 3/5.

Mike 3/5 Marines, Nov. '67
Bob is in front, center

(picture courtesy of Joe Bowers)

Bob Montgomery, late '67
"The LT said he wanted high and tight haircuts, 
so our whole platoon (except the shortimers) got mohawks."

Mike 3/5 Marines, late '67
Montgomery (left), Workman, Lucibello
(picture courtesy of Joe Bowers)


Shane (I/3/5), Bob (M/3/5), and Nancy

Bob served the same time, same operations as Brad. We are so glad to have found you after all these years. Semper Fi, Brother Marine.


Operation ESSEX

Operation AUBURN 

Mike 3/5 Website

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