Joe Bowers, Vietnam 1967

Joe Bowers, Mike 3/5 Vietnam from July '67 to February '68 with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. Operations include COCHISE, SWIFT, SHELBYVILLE, BAXTER GARDEN, AUBURN, TET Offensive '68, several "No Names," and countless patrols and ambushes. WIA during TET Feb. 8, and 15.

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Marine Corps Recruiting Depot San Diego 1966  Platoon #2202
Joe is in the top row, 7th from left

2nd Bn. Recon, early '67

Brad Reynolds and Joe Bowers, Sept. '67

Brad Reynolds and Joe Bowers, May 2001

Joe was Brad's squad leader when Brad first got to Vietnam on Sept. 15, '67. They hadn't heard from each other ever since, until  last year when we located Joe via the internet. Six months later, we drove from the Redwoods to Oklahoma where they had their first face-to-face meeting after 32 years.

Mike 3/5 base camp, Nov. 1967

Joe (left) and Marines of Mike 3/5 
If anyone recognizes any of these guys, please let us know

1st Platoon Mike 3/5, December 1967

1st Platoon Lieutenant (left) and 1st Platoon Sergeant

1. Bob Montgomery, Terry Workman, Michael Lucibello
2. David Langston 
 3. Marcias 

Standing: Jack Swan , Joe Bowers, Bill Vandegriff.
Kneeling: Frank Coronado (right), can't remember the other names.

Ken Fields and Joe Bowers

Elliott "Recon" Rubenfeld 3rd from left, can't remember the other names.

Close call, does anyone remember him?

Tools of the Trade

Railroad bridge at end of Anderson West, Feb. '68

Crusader at Danang Air Field, Dec. 1967

Otter, it has a propeller in the back, and was supposed to be amphibious


Operation SWIFT

Operation AUBURN

Mike 3/5 Website

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