Ed Combs, Mike 3/5, 1967

Men of the 1st Platoon

Sgt. Craig Sullivan and several of the Vietnamese ARVNS attached to 1st Platoon for a while

SSgt. Howard Rogers (KIA on 7 Nov 67), and Ron Mecurieo

Pfc. Rolon, Lt. Combs, Cpl. Mattson, and Villager

Ron Mecurieo, Lt. Combs and Cpl. Duncan

Our interpreter, we called him (CowBoy)

2nd Lt. C. E. ED Combs, 1st Platoon's Platoon Commander just prior to Operation SWIFT
(picture courtesy of Craig Sullivan)

Ed Combs (left) and Craig Sullivan together again at the 3/5 Reunion 2002

Operation SWIFT
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