Hans Haupt, Danang 1967

Hans Haupt, H&S 3/5  I don't recall the exact dates, but I took H&S probably around Feb. or March, 1966 and formed it up at Camp Pendleton for debarkation to RVN with the battalion which was just forming up for deployment. I probably had it until about October of that same year when I was reassigned as S-3. 

About November [?] I was transferred to Division HQ. At that time Capt. O'Donnell was just being assigned to 3\5 as Communications Officer so that sometime later he evidently was given H&S, but I would have no way of knowing when. 

I believe Mike Carey took it over right after me followed at some point by Dennis Perkins who was my Asst. S-3 before I went to the Chief of Staff's office.--HSH

Hans was H&S 3/5 Company Commander in the Republic of Vietnam from March '66-April '67. He is personally responsible for locating many of our 3/5 Marines via the Internet. When he's not slaving over his trusty computer, he enjoys retired life in the beautiful Napa, Northern California area. 

Thanks for bringing so many of us together, Hans! ~DR

Hans taking a break with daughter-in-law, Chris

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