Bob "Slick" Mowery

Bob Mowery, India 3/5 1967-68 Served with India 3/5 from May '67 to June '68. Operations included UNION II, ADAIR, CALHOUN, PIKE, COCHISE, SWIFT, SHELBYVILLE, ESSEX, AUBURN, HOUSTON I and II, ALLEN BROOK and the start of MAMELUKE THRUST.


Bob "Slick" Mowery (2nd from left with hat) with India 3/5 Marines Carl Blankenship, Billy Bolton (KIA) and J.R. Webb

Bob "Slick" Mowrey (center) and mortar crew J.R. Webb, Gary Callahan, Jack (Crazy) Miller, Carl Blankenship

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Front row: L-R ?, ?, ?, J. R. Webb 
Back row L-R: Jack (Crazy) Miller, Bob Mowery, B. J. Hillard

Just after Operation SWIFT

Milan "Chunky" Stonebreaker, Bob "Slick" Mowery, Delaney
(picture courtesy of Joe McNinch, I/3/5)

Operation UNION II

Operation COCHISE

Operation SWIFT

Operation ESSEX

Operation AUBURN 

Operation ALAMO

Operation HOUSTON II

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