Grady Rainbow when he made Corporal in Nov. '69. Officers are Lt. Shaffer (Aide-de-Camp) and BGen. Charles S. Robertson. This was his Combat Meritorious promotion after he got out of the hospital and was stationed at Division HQ. 

Grady Rainbow, Mike 3/5  I joined Mike Company as a PFC in March '69 at the end of Operation Taylor Common. I was wounded in a night ambush, walking point, on April 1st. I participated in Operations Muskogee Meadows and Pipestone Canyon.   

My second Heart came June 23, 1969, and I was medevaced to Da Nang the 1st part of July. I left the hospital in September '69, and was assigned to the CG's Staff 1st Mar Div. I extended my tour, and after making Sergeant transferred to MP Company, 1st Mar Div. I came home in August 1970.

I reenlisted, and served until 3 August 1984 when I was discharged for disability. I acquired nerve damage to my spine from injuries, and have no cartilage in either knee from running (the Corps got REAL big on running). I left the Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant, and was on the promotion list for 1st Sgt. 

I served with "L" 3/3, 5th MAB, "L" 3/7 1st MarDiv, Recruiting Duty RSS El Paso, "G" 2/5 & H & S 2/5 1st Mar Div, Recruiting again RS Oklahoma City, HQ CO HQ BN 1st Mar Div (Company GySgt), Comm Co HQ Bn (1stSGT), Detachment GySgt/Guard Officer USS Long Beach CGN-9, OP's Chief LFTC PAC, Company GySgt H&S 3/3 1st Brigade.

I have a wonderful wife (a former WAC, USA), two grown daughters (one a former Marine). I now live in Oklahoma City, and work as a Group Manager in Examination for the Internal Revenue Service. 

I am a life member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (the national convention is in Oklahoma City this year 1999), a Charter founder of the Second Amendment Task Force, NRA, and a member of the NRA. 

    I have written my memories of Viet Nam & Mike Co. for my children and would welcome any input from anyone that knew me.~Grady Rainbow

Promotion to Sergeant with Colonel Noble Beck (5th Marines Regiment CO) and Brigadier General William F. Doehler, 1st Division ADC.

Division Hill, Danang

Left: 11th Motors coming back from a body ID detail to Da Nang, Corporals Boren, Fargo (aka "Flower Child"), Labaday and Tyson. Tyson was KIA shortly thereafter.

Right: Cpl. "Smitty" Smith.  "He saved my butt the first time I got hit in April, 1969."

Center: Kit Carson Scout Da', taken on Operation Pipestone Canyon.  He and his family were murdered by the VC in 1970. 

Grady Rainbow's Mike 3/5 Memoirs 

"Daddy, why do you where green?"
Danielle Rainbow's poem for her Dad 

Mike 3/5 Website

    This little darlin' is Skylr Ethan Taylor, newest addition to Grady Rainbow's wonderful family. A new have been blessed again, Brother Marine.  We share your pride, and send our best to All! 


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