To All Our Combat Wives...

Oh girls, my heart is so full for us
As I read all the words we’ve written
If only there was makeup to drizzle inside us!

Alas, our scars are not cosmetic
Do we bleed so willingly for our loved ones in their pain?
Yes; and (how’d we get this way?)

We’ve left a trail of our own for so long
Those trails, like every path that has to lead somewhere
Are finally starting to cross
Leading us to seek out each other
Sharing good times as well as the loss

Some people’s lives are so easy
(Days I’d like to try theirs for a change!)
They couldn’t survive what we live
For a minute, a day, a week, or a month
“It takes a rare bird”, I say

I ponder the meaning of “proud flesh”
Is it anger, fear, protection or humility
That continues to cover the wounds
Forever altered, again and again
Never again to be smooth and unblemished

There is room in my arms for all of us
As I enfold each of us today
I must remember to do it tomorrow, too
(I’m teaching myself to pray for others!)

I love us all for the choices we’ve made
And I’m damn glad to finally know your names!
Never again so remote
I knew I couldn’t be the only one

But where???
Here...thanks, Deb

~Mitzi Boydell, USN Combat Wife~


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