When you hear this brother, your shit is in the wind. 

   I think this was a saying straight from Ho Chi Minh,
'cause the kids would say it time and time again.

  The meaning behind this if you want to know,
means you are crazy, and they want you to go.

  The meaning of BOO COO is Many and Much,
DINKY DOW means crazy and don’t touch.

  Number 10 is Number 10, in the way you count,
Number 1 being TOPS and 10 means you are out.

  Always in the Villages these phrases could be heard,
the kids always said them getting on your nerves.

  We acted as if we didn’t understand,
as if they were speaking in a foreign land.

  So when you heard this walking through Villes,
you knew that Charlie was close in the hills.

  Not all the children would greet you this way,
in some of the Villes they wanted you to stay.

  From a leader in charge of North Vietnam,
Their children would listen and carry his bombs.

  Some they would activate in Suicide Missions,
some they wouldn’t, they’d stock pile ammunition.

  Some tied explosives around their waist,  
others used grenades in a hidden place.

  But no matter which method they choose to use,
they were effective as Hell in what they would do.

 We ignored them for what they would say,
our eyes staying on them, they’d blow you away.

  Some jumped on choppers as  human bombs,
others trained in booby trap settings from North Vietnam,

  So maybe we were Dinky Dow and might have been a 10,
and baby killers we were called way back then.

The world couldn’t fathom what was going on then,
we had to kill some children, if we were to win.

  So who’s Dinky Dow and who could be number 10?
I say it was the children brainwashed by Ho Chi Minh.

    Cpl. Doug Maier

(Picture courtesy of Curtis Batten, M/3/5)

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