Picture courtesy of Jim Quinn, M/3/5
Background by Roby LaPorte, www.wowizowi.com

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Danang reported to Headquarters,
F-4s catching incoming rounds.

On their approach for landings,
In the last few days they found.

Large holes in our Aircraft,
From a Gun that couldn’t be found.

It was a large caliber weapon,
You could tell by the holes they found.

We left An Hoa for Hill 55,
From there we started our search.

We left 55 for the mountains,
That were 3 to 4 clicks away.

We force marched to those mountains,
We were carrying a lot of gear.

On the radio we did hear,
That Kilo company was already there.

Engaged in heavy combat,
Wondering why we weren’t there.

Charlie was dug in and dug in well,
And was giving Kilo company Hell.

Kilo was pinned down and pinned down to stay,
They needed our help in a very bad way.

We reported on the radio,
That we were 2 hours away.

The captain made a decision,
To save some time that day.

To climb the backside of this mountain,
It would be quicker going this way.

As Kilo company needed us,
Taking a lot of KIAs.

We started up this mountain,
And was steep as it could be.

We’d slip and slide every step of the way, 
But one hour later we were on top that day.  

When we topped that mountain,
Much to our surprise.

We were 50 feet or higher I’d say,
On the backside of Charlie's position.

From where we were we had a clear view,
Of the battlefield below.  

We surprised Charlie having higher ground,
And we were right behind him.

We could see all the trench line runs,
And the Aircraft Gun emplacement.

All M-79 men were ordered to the front,
And told us to all line up in a row.

The Captain would tap us on our heads,
And out the heat rounds would go.

That was a day for the Blooper Man,
a target rich environment.

Charlie was taken by total surprise,
Getting their ass kicked from behind.                

Kilo company no longer pinned down,
Started their advancing on the lower ground.         

The enemy now under pressure,
From the lower ground attacks.

They knew they were done and it was over,
Only a few surrendered.

  The rest died in the trenches,
They had nowhere to go.

  With us upstairs right behind them,
Reporting their every move.

  From where we were, it was great,
And was like watching a show.

  That Anti Air Craft Gun was mounted for show,
The last time I saw it.

  So proudly displayed in the front it was,
of Kilo Company's Headquarters.

Cpl. Douglas Maier
Vietnam 68-69

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