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Casualty was on May 23, 1969
Hostile, died of wounds, GROUND CASUALTY

Panel 24W - Line 85

Gary Lee Hisle
(picture courtesy of Douglas Miller)

Cpl. Gary Lee Hisle served with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. His name stands proudly on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor alongside the Marines he fought and died with. Semper fi, Brother Marine. We will never forget.


Pictures courtesy of Ron Thayer

Gary Hisle at 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines HQ

Gary Hisle (left) and Ron Thayer, Dec. 1969
This picture was taken by Joey Freeman, Killed In Action Mar. 3, 1969

Mike Zang and Gary Hisle (right)


May He Rest in Peace
(submitted by Mike Alden)

Gary was a radio man with "M" Co. 3/5. He became the C.P. radioman. Gary must have been close to rotation as Ron Thayer tells me Gary was in the rear for a bit, but he was taken back to the bush for the C.P. radio man again. Was not long after that, Gary stepped on a land mind. He was medavaced to Da Nang where he passed away 3 or 4 days later. Ron went into Da Nang to visit Gary. Ron informed me Gary was alive at the time, but no way would Gary survive his wounds. The time of the incident is not for sure.

Gary was an orphan. He was from Covington, Kentucky. In the middle of '68, several of us got together and were going to make our wills out to the other of choice in our group, 1st and 2nd squads. The only one that did this as far as any of us know was Gary. He made Dennis Merryman his beneficiary (Dennis was killed in action Mar. 5, '69). Mrs. Merryman received the life insurance money. In return, Mrs.Merryman sent this money to the orphanage that took care of Gary, $10,000.00. The Merrymans had 11 children in the family, and needed the money. God Bless Mrs.Merryman !! Semper Fi~Mike Alden


My Radioman
(submitted by Tom Mahlum)

Gary was my radioman when I first joined the First Platoon as Platoon Commander in Dec. '68. He took over the company radioman job for Captain Burns while still on Operation Taylor Commons. After Gary was hurt in the booby trap explosion, I had the opportunity to visit him in the hospital in Da Nang . I will never forget seeing him there and the terrible condition he was in and the utter feeling of inadequacy I felt in that I could do absolutely nothing to help him. He died a few days later. I did not know about some of the men changing their insurance beneficiary forms. Nor did I know about Mrs. Merryman’s donation of the insurance money to an orphanage. It shows how wonderful a family Dennis Merryman came from. ~Tom Mahlum


LCpl. Dennis Merryman Memorial

LCpl. Joseph Lloyd Freeman, Jr. Memorial