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In Memory of "Doc" Ron Parlee

"Doc" Ron Parlee passed away in his sleep from bilateral pulmonary pneumonia April 13, 2001.

"Doc" Ron Parlee was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, he joined the U.S. Navy Reserves in February 1962, and went to Boot Camp in June 1962 at The Great Lakes Recruit Training Center. Active duty began 2 Jan 1964 at which time he attended Hospital Corps School, Company 29 at Great Lakes, graduating May 1964. Stationed on U.S.S. Barry DD-933, homeport in Newport, Rhode Island from May 1964 to August 1964.

He transferred to U.S.S. Grand Canyon AD-28 from August 1964 to January 1966, during which time had deployment of 6-month Mediterranean cruise and 6-month stint at Norfolk, Virginia. During this time advanced to HM3(E-4). Became the proud father of Sharon Margaret and Tracy Rowen. Re-enlisted as regular Navy in September 1965 on board the Grand Canyon.

He attended Optical Technician School at Bethesda, Maryland from February 1966 to August 1966. Transferred to U.S.N.H. #2 at Chelsea, Massachusetts as optical technician from August 1966 to February 1968. Advanced to HM2 & assumed the role of senior enlisted of the EENT clinic during this time.While at U.S.N.H. #2 initiated the training curriculum for the optical technician phase of the on-the-job training for EENT technicians.Transferred to Camp Pendleton, California, for FMF training in February 1968, as 2nd platoon commander. 

Served as Corpsman for seven years until medically discharged. Served onboard the USS Barry (DD-933), and USS Grand Canyon (AD-28) out of Newport, RI. Stationed at USNH #2 at Chelsea, Mass. FMF with 3rd Bn. 5th Mar 1st Marine Division, then back to US finishing at MCAS, El Toro, CA.

Doc was senior Corpsman for India 3/5 from May-June '68. He was there to help medevac my husband Brad out when Brad  stepped on the mine, June 15, '68. It was both Doc's and Brad's third Purple Heart.~DR

 "We were told to saddle up, and jumped off from Liberty Bridge where the company headed into the A Shau Valley the first of June. Received first Purple Heart  the morning of June 11, the second Heart the afternoon of the 11th. Then the evening of the 15th got hit by a superior force, and while being supported by an artillery unit, received third Heart due to a short round."~Doc Parlee



Doc Ron and Terry Parlee

    Remembering "Doc" Ron Parlee

The following messages were taken from the USMC Combat Wife Message Board beginning April 13, 2001, when we first heard the news that Doc Ron Parlee had passed away. We hope the outpouring of love and support in these comments will bring comfort to his Family and All who knew and loved him. Semper fi, Doc, we will never forget!!

Date: 04/13/01 06:37:38 AM
Name: Curtis
Email: Jarheadnam@aol.com

I'm just writing to say that we received some sad news this morning. We got a phone call from Terry Parlee telling us that her husband, Ronald (Doc) Parlee, passed away last night. Details of his death are not yet known to us except that he went the way most people want to go, in his sleep. Doc was a good person and a great friend, as is his wife, Terry, and he will be greatly missed by all. I know his absence will be felt, especially at the upcoming reunion of 3/5 in LaGrange, GA. I do not know at this time if Terry will attend the reunion but I really hope she does. I just want to say that we love you Terry and wish we could be there in person but please know that our thoughts are with you during this time of grief. Doc is in a better place now but knowing that does not ease the pain of his loss. May God Bless you and watch over you Terry. We love you very much. Love, Brenda and Curtis Eidson. 

Brenda and Curtis Eidson (I/3/5)

Date: 04/13/01 06:48:40 AM
Name: Doc Gardner
Email: fred.gardner@compuware.com

I didn't know Doc Parlee but feel a great loss with this news. To his wife, Terry, please accept my sincere condolences on your loss. Sailor rest your oar. 
Doc Gardner HM1(SS)/FMF 

Date: 04/13/01 08:02:11 AM
Name: Brad and Debbe
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com

Thank you Curtis and Brenda for letting us know...it's never easy to break sad news. We are stunned, and deeply saddened...Took us 33 years to find Doc Parlee, we are devastated by his loss. Our prayers are with you, Terry, and all of you who knew and loved this very special man. Semper fi, Doc!!

Date: 04/13/01 08:59:10 AM
Name: Ron McCarville
Email: RonBeerMan@ocsnet.net

Dear 3/5 Wives, Brothers, and Friends, I am shocked by the news of Doc Parlee, he always had a joke or two to pass along. I received daily e-mails from him. I certainly hope the family knows that a lot of folks are praying for them right now. This is never easy to deal with and seems to be harder as time moves on even though we grow old we always think we are
immortal. We are not. Sorry my first visit here is on such a sad note.


Ron McCarville, Kilo 3/5

Date: 04/13/01 10:07:10 AM
Name: DR
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com

Good to hear from you, Ron. We are crushed, but very grateful for the short time we had with Doc Parlee, too short...thank you for letting us know you're here...this is a tough one for All...we will be here all day as many condolences are coming in, stay close as we need you now more than ever.

Date: 04/13/01 10:10:38 AM

Name: DR
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee
Dear Friends, our hearts are at half-mast for our dear brother and sister, Doc and Terry Parlee. All we know at this point is that our beloved Doc passed away last night, we will post memorial info as we receive it. Please stay close, we need you all now more than ever.

Date: 04/13/01 10:48:16 AM
Name: Doc Gardner
Email: fred.gardner@compuware.com
Subject: Re: Doc Parlee

Debbe: The pipes will play slowly in memory of Doc Parlee tonight.
Doc Gardner

Date: 04/13/01 11:34:24 AM
Name: Larry Searight
Email: larrysearight@aol.com
Subject: Re: Doc Parlee

Sorry to hear the news about Doc Parlee. My prayers go out to the family.

Larry Searight (M/3/5)

Date: 04/13/01 05:58:59 PM
Subject: Re: Doc Parlee

Our hearts are heavy and in our silence our prayers are with. Doc is on his journey into the arms of God. He will be missed.
Love, Joe and Linda

Date: 04/13/01 01:26:47 PM
Name: Jimmie Christy I Co. 3/5
Email: JCGOLDENARM@aol.com
Subject: Rest your oar sailor and Semper Fi Marine.

The only info we have is what we have heard from Curtis. We are deeply saddened by this news. We have lost another brother. We give our deepest and most heart felt condolences to Terry and our prayers are with her at this time of her great loss. Go peaceably into that good night "Doc" and your well deserved rest. Rest your oar sailor and Semper Fi Marine. We will miss you.
 Jimmie Christy I Co. 3/5

Jimmie and Kathy Christy (I/3/5)

Date: 04/13/01 03:46:35 PM
Name: Eddie Garcia, India 3/5
Email: ElzorroGarcia@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

I am deeply saddened by what has happened. I never would have that my doc would go like this. He had so much to give all the time. He was very caring to all of us. There is no words I am very hurt, especially since I just had one my aunts that I loved dearly pass away Friday, I will miss those jokes. May God have you right there next to him.

Date: 04/13/01 06:59:44 PM
Name: Jerry Bain, India 3/5
Email: jkbain@yahoo.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

Doc you may have left us last night while we slept. I as your friend well always remember you and me on the rock getting shot at in that far away land. Now Doc you left this world to be in a better place we call "HEAVEN". Our other "Brothers" who went before us was there to say "Hello Doc, Just wanted to say thanks for all your help you did in Nam to safe us. Now you can rest with us, And Guard these gates of Heaven with 3/5. Semper Fi! Doc I'll always remember you, Say hi
to the skipper and the others for me. Terrapin India Out!! Bain, Jerry L.

Eddie Garcia (I/3/5), Jerry Bain (I/3/5) and Doc Ron Parlee (I/3/5)

Date: 04/13/01 06:07:00 PM
Name: Jerry Lomax, Mike 3/5
Email: Haivanpass@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

I am shocked and saddened. There was rarely a day that went by that I didn't get some tidings of fun from him and Terry. I'm glad I had the pleasure of meeting him at the reunion. I'll always cherish that. I remember thinking, I could have hung around this guy my whole life and been friends. I am very sorry, and if there's anything that I can do, please let me know.
Jerry Lomax

Date: 04/13/01 06:28:49 PM
Name: Mike Mannell India 3/5
Email: MchMannell@aol.com
Subject: "Doc" Parlee

I never knew or met the "Doc" or his wife, but I know he was loved and that he will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. God Bless "Doc" Parlee.........

Mike Mannell (I/3/5)

Date: 04/13/01 06:52:09 PM
Name: Hans Haupt, H&S and I/3/5
Email: HSHaupt@prodigy.net
Subject: Doc Parlee

I did not really know Doc Parlee, but it is obvious he had many friends who made him a very rich man, if not in dollars, in moral stature. All humanity must pause and moan at the passing of one of its great and well-loved members. As a Marine, I cannot help but to grieve the loss of one of our valued Navy Corpsmen.


Date: 04/13/01 07:52:53 PM
Name: Byron Hill
Email: behill@enteract.com
Subject: Re: Doc Parlee

Even though I did not get to know Doc, he is obviously someone a lot of people cared for. Janet and I wish Terry all the comfort she can get from knowing that we all care for our brothers in arms. 
God Bless his Soul,
Byron Hill
Mike 3/5 1967
H&S 3/5- 1967

Date: 04/13/01 08:34:57 PM
Name: Brenda
Email: Turtletrax@aol.com
Subject: Re: Doc Parlee

You are right Hans, Doc had many friends but not only did he have friends, he was a friend. He and Terry were guests in my home twice and I only regret that I won't have the opportunity to see and speak with him again. My thoughts and prayers are with Terry. May God watch over her.

Date: 04/13/01 10:38:54 AM
Name: Mitzi and Joe
Email: jomitzboy@yahoo.com
Subject: Sing Taps for Doc Parlee today...


Day is done
Gone the sun
From the lakes
From the hills
From the sky
All is well
Safely rest,
God is nigh

Fading light
Dims the sight
And a star
Gems the sky
Gleaming bright
From afar
Drawing nigh,
Falls the night

Thanks and praise
For our days
'Neath the sun
'Neath the stars
'Neath the sky
As we go
This we know,
God is nigh

Rest easy, gentle one; you are loved and missed


Date: 04/13/01 06:55:30 PM
Name: Billy "Willy" Williams, I/3/5
Subject: Doc Parlee

Brothers, One of our own has departed. I seldom write to my 5th Marine buddies, I cannot go to the reunions. I have a hard time with all of the memories. But, Doc Parlee and all of us left, please know each of you are carried in my heart everyday. I regret I can't be close, but I care greatly for each of you. Doc, you made a difference. 
Semper Fidelis, Bill "Willy" Williams

Date: 04/13/01 07:17:21 PM
Name: Brenda
Email: Turtletrax@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

This has been a sad day for me and for Curtis. I can't help but remember last May at the lake, seeing Doc there talking and laughing with everyone. He is going to be sorely missed this May by us all. I hold his memory in my heart and wish the best for Terry at this sad time. God Bless you Terry and may God hold Doc in the palm of his hand.

Date: 04/13/01 07:23:31 PM
Name: Earl " Dutch" Schultz, India 3/5
Email: eschultz@nvc.net
Subject: Doc Parlee

What a loss. Words are hard to come by at time like this. Doc, you will always be with us in our thoughts and memories. To your family and loved ones - May you all find the needed strength to get you through this difficult time. If you need anything or if we can help in any way please let us know. 
God bless, Earl "Dutch" Schultz 

Earl "Dutch" Schultz (I/3/5)

Date: 04/13/01 07:32:17 PM
Name: Bones
Email: GetSome0331@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

Heaven is even a better place tonight because we all know Doc Parlee is there.

Date: 04/13/01 09:28:34 PM
Subject: DOC

BARBARA AND JOE. (KILO CO 3/5 1967-68) 

Joe Anchondo (far right)

April 14, 2001

Date: 04/14/01 05:15:04 AM
Name: Curtis
Email: Jarheadnam@aol.com
Subject: Doc. Parlee

Hello everyone. I have just gotten off the phone with Terry Parlee. She is doing OK but very upset right now. She is trying to get all things arranged. She is still not completely sure as to any details. She is to let me know just as soon as things are set. As of now Doc. will be cremated and placed in a National Cemetery in Northern CA. An autopsy is to be done Monday and plans are to be finalized after that. I will try and let all know what is what as I know. Keep close watch on Debbe's message board for more details. We will compile the messages and a graphic that Vic made so Terry will have something from all of us.

Date: 04/14/01 07:36:36 AM
Name: Brad and Deb
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com
Subject: Re: Doc. Parlee

Thank you so much for letting us know, Curtis. We all want to give Terry all the room she needs here...the outpouring of love for Doc and Terry is so evident in all these wonderful messages. We are here to do whatever needs be. 

Date: 04/14/01 05:34:28 AM
Name: Christine
Email: Coral518@cs.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

It is always so sudden no matter when, but the Doc has surely earned a special seat in heaven and what is so hard for us is his final peace. He is in our prayers as are all that knew him. Christine & Ed

Date: 04/14/01 05:34:35 AM
Name: Curtis
Email: Jarheadnam@aol.com
Subject: Important notice

Just to let everyone know that Terry is not at home right now but with friends in OR. Please don't try to call her home right now. She is very upset and loves all of you and she knows you love her. If you want to send a card please do so to:

Terry Parlee
2300 Amethyst Way
Redding, CA. 96003

Terry would really love that and enjoy hearing from you that way. She is not online at all right now and I am sure she will not be for several days so please don't load her mail box to much. She wants to know that you are there and needs to hear from you. It's just very hard right now as you can imagine. Be safe.

Date: 04/14/01 05:42:08 AM
Name: Bob "Slick" Mowery
Email: corpslick35@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

You know when we left that God forsaken place in Southeast Asia you thought in the back of your mind that it is over and the heartaches will end. But it is starting again but this time it is not an enemy army that is depleting our ranks, it is Time. Doc you will be missed by me and our India brothers. God bless you and keep you.

Date: 04/14/01 07:44:00 AM
Name: Dennis, India 3/5
Email: Dennis311@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

I am at a loss for words. I know all of us feel the same loss of one of one of our brothers as Terry does we have been separated, alone so long and now we come together only to lose Doc. I hope the Lord was kind to Doc and took him peacefully. As we all know Doc will be standing amongst the Marines above us watching over us. 
Semper Fidelis, Dennis

Dennis Tenety (I/3/5)

Date: 04/14/01 07:45:55 AM
Name: Hank Oliver, India 3/5
Email: lhankol@bellsouth.net
Subject: Doc Parlee

Man I don't know what to say - there are no words that can describe the sadness. Doc and Terry have been here in my email practically every day with loving thoughts and words. Not much else I can say right now, so hard to believe...gonna miss him. Semper Fi.

Date: 04/14/01 07:57:52 AM
Name: Curtis Eidson, India 3/5
Email: jarheadnam@aol.com
Subject: For my Friend, Doc Parlee

Doc Parlee My friend:

I wish I were a poet so I could make things rhyme, but I am not.
I wish I were a writer so I could write a book of your love, but I am not.
I wish I was a composer so I could write beautiful music for you, but I am not.
I wish I was a singer to sing beautiful songs to you, but I am not.
I wish I were a builder so I could build things for you, but I am not.
I wish I was an artist so I could draw beautiful pictures for you, but I am not.
I wish I was smart so I could think like you did, but I am not.
I wish I was a Saint so I could help you, but I am not.
I wish I was rich so I could pay things for you, but I am not.
What I don't have to wish for is your friendship Doc.
Nor you mine. As a Marine I understand the importance and value of Semper Fi, and you have always exemplified that to me. Rest in Peace till I get there so you can heal me again! 

Doc Parlee and Curtis Eidson

Date: 04/14/01 08:15:16 AM
Name: Terry Parlee
Subject: Re: For my Friend, Doc Parlee

Curtis, Thank you so much for this poem & all that you have done for Doc & me. Doc & I were talking the other day about the surprise we gave you in April 1999. The time spent that day with you & Brenda were treasured far more than you will ever know. He considered you & Brenda FAMILY. Which he didn't easily do. I know that he is looking down on you right now & smiling that devilish smile of his. He loved you very much as I love you both. Semper Fi!

Date: 04/14/01 06:07:42 PM
Name: Jerry L. Bain
Email: jkbain@yahoo.com

Subject: Re: For my Friend, Doc Parlee

Very well put, Semper Fi! Doc until we meet again. 

Date: 04/14/01 08:46:06 AM
Name: Debbbe Reynolds
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com
Subject: For Doc Parlee from Doc Gardner

We received this message from our dear friend, Doc Fred Gardner, aka "The Kilted Quack." When Doc Gardner heard about Doc Parlee's passing, he played his bagpipes in a private backyard ceremony in Detroit. Thank you so much Doc, what a wonderful tribute!!

Subj: Doc Parlee
Date: 04/13/2001 3:29:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: fred.c.gardner@gte.net (Fred C Gardner)
To: webbedebbe@aol.com

Doc Ron Parlee has just been piped aboard his next duty station. St. Peter is a piper in the Marine Corps Band. Amazing Grace and the Marine Corps Hymn welcomed Doc Parlee to his next command. Sailor Rest Your Oar; Semper Fi and a job well done. 
Rest in Peace Doc Doc Gardner HM1(SS) / FMF

Doc Fred and Pat Gardner

Date: 04/14/01 08:08:14 AM 
Name: Jim Blankenheim 
Email: pablanke@facstaff.wisc.edu 

 I am in total shock. I just got into my home computer to check messages and found an Easter card from him. I can't believe he was dead before I even got it. I only met him last year at the reunion and thank God I went. I would have missed this great warm hearted gentleman. Corpsman have a special place in every marine's heart but Doc took it to an even higher level. My wife and I will truly miss this guy and I want Terry to know we all feel the sadness in her heart right now. Where Doc has gone he can be sure there will be other marines to watch over him as before. 
Semper FI Doc. Jim 

Jim Blankenheim (H&S and M/3/5)

Date: 04/14/01 08:09:02 AM
 Name: Terry Parlee 
Re: My darling Doc

My darling Doc, I spoke with Curt this morning & he told me of this tribute. I don't think Doc knew all those that cared about him. I don't really know what to say but to say Thank You all for all you love, support, kind words & prayers. They are much appreciated. As Curt has told you definite plans are still in progress. I am planning to attend in May as much for Doc as for myself. I know that he was so looking forward to seeing everyone again & meeting new people as well. Again I want to thank you all for everything you have done. Doc was so happy talking with all of you. You all hold a very special place in my heart. I know that you will miss my darling Doc too. 
Love to all of you, Terry Parlee 

Doc and Terry

Date: 04/14/01 08:15:17 AM 
Name: Brad and Deb 
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com 

Re: My darling Doc

So good to hear from you, dear Sis!! And so glad to see this wonderful outpouring of love from so many. We are here for you, no matter what. Love you!!! 

Date: 04/14/01 08:18:01 AM 
Name: Terry Parlee  
Subject: Re: Re: My darling Doc 

Debbe & Brad, Words alone cannot express how much I love this tribute to Doc. I know he would feel honored by this as I am. Thanks so much! I love you all.
Till later, Terry 

Doc, Terry and Brad

Date: 04/14/01 08:09:49 AM 
Name: Karen Bain, I/3/5
 Email: jkbain@yahoo.com
 Subject: Thanks! Thanks!! 
To: webbedebbe@aol.com 

I just want to say "Thank You" for all you are doing for Doc and Terry. Your board is great! Tears did fall but only because i know doc is with the rest of guys from 3/5. Love you girl.

Date: 04/14/01 09:57:46 AM 
Name: Debbbe Reynolds 
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com 
Subject: Thank you, Vic! (7th Marines) 

We received this beautiful graphic from Vic Vilionis, 7th Marines, in honor of Doc Ron Parlee. We will be posting a larger copy of it along with all your wonderful comments on a Memorial page for Doc. We pray you ALL receive a measure of comfort in being able to share our love for Doc and Terry Parlee. God bless. 

Date: 04/14/01 12:17:06 PM 
Name: Bowers, M/3/5
 Email: bowers279@yahoo.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

Thanks for the info and sorry to hear about Doc Parlee

Bowers (M/3/5)


Date: 04/14/01 12:19:41 PM 
Name: Mark Rader I/3/5 
Email: Radermrader@aol.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

Julie and I are saddened to hear of the passing of Doc Parlee. If I'm remembering correctly, didn't he have some serious health issues late last year? What a shame, not to have seen him again. Semper fi really means something, doesn't it? Mark Rader. 

Date: 04/14/01 12:26:19 PM 
Name: Jimmy Christy, I/3/5 
Email: JCGOLDENARM@aol.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

I am truly saddened by the news of Doc Parlee. Although I didn't know him, He was still a brother Marine in every sence of the word. Every combat Marine knows the value of a Corpsman. I for one owe my life to the Corpsman that tended to me when I was WIA in the Arizona. This brother will be greatly missed. I know from what I know about him that he had a great love and compassion for his fellow man. I would like to extend my condolences to his wife and family at this time of there loss. And if there is anything I can do please let me know. Jimmie Cristy

 Date: 04/14/01 12:29:22 PM 
Name: Tom Gainer, I/3/5
 Email: TTFNS@aol.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

This SUCKS! I just saw Doc in August of last year and he looked great. We have lost another warrior and friend..............he will be missed. Men such as Doc do not come along everyday. Semper Fi Doc. 
Tom Gainer 

Date: 04/14/01 12:55:25 PM 
Name: Brenda 
Email: Turtletrax@aol.com

 Subject: Doc Parlee 

For Doc Parlee and Terry: 

No matter what plans we make, there is another plan greater than we know;
 No matter what is before our eyes, there is another scene broader than what we see. 
There is a place of rest, where souls go - It is not death but immortality. 
It is not death - this dreamless sleep; It is birth - the soul is released to be forever free.
 No longer bound by time and space; so do not shed tears for that soul. 
It lives on in immortality. 
Goodbye Doc; it won't be for long. 
You are no longer bound on earth to worry and work - now at peace for eternity. 
The kindness and friendship you've shown for others will live on. 

You are not dead - merely waiting - in immortality.
 I say goodbye, and as life goes on; 
I can feel your presence in my world and hear your voice speaking to me, 
And now you know that which we all must, in time, learn; 
That death does not exist - there is immortality. 

Date: 04/14/01 04:41:23 PM 
Name: Terry Parlee 
Subject: Re: Doc Parlee 

Thank you for this poem Brenda. It says things clearly enough & maybe in time even I will come understand & accept all that it says. Love & hugs to you, Terry

Date: 04/14/01 03:26:27 PM 
Name: Mike Wilson 
Email: Seaside10a@aol.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

Curtis called me early Friday to tell me of Doc's passing. As I checked my e-mail there was Doc's daily greeting and his best wishes for a Happy Easter. Doc's was a giving man, he gave all he to us 30 some odd years ago and continued to so until his passing. He was a Friend, Comrade and most importantly a Brother. The World has lost a Good Man , my prayers and my love go out to Terry and the rest of the Parlee Family. 

Date: 04/14/01 12:35:27 PM 
Name: John Costello, India 3/5 
Email: johnbops1@excite.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

Just got to my e-mail and read the sad news about the Doc. Please let me know what happened. I didn't know him until last year, but so glad I had the chance to share sometime with our brother. When a tragedy like this happens it sort of sends me back to the Nam and I remember how we felt when we lost one of our own. I remember doc telling me how his life was finally where he wanted it and how happy he and his bride were. I'm glad he got a little piece of it. Shame on us if we don't enjoy what we have and what we could have. Again please let me know what happened. 
John Costello 

John Costello and Eddie Garcia (I/3/5)

Date: 04/14/01 03:31:47 PM 
Name: Curtis 
Email: Jarheadnam@aol.com 
Subject: Update on Terry Parlee 

I have just gotten off the phone with Terry Parlee. She is very upset right now but doing as best considering. She is understandably confused but a real Marine about what has to be done. She is a very smart lady and will do the right thing for sure. She still has not made any arrangements but she is to let me know as soon as she does. I will post updates all along to let yall know as I know. She wants all to know that she really loves yall and wants yall to know that she will be here in May. She is reading all the post on this site but can't as yet deal with the volumn of mail. Keep posting because it picks her up knowing that yall love her. Later 

Date: 04/14/01 03:45:04 PM
 Name: DR 
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com 
Subject: Re: Update on Terry Parlee 

Thank you for letting us know...we are here for ALL...and very grateful for all the love and support. HUGS!!! 

Date: 04/14/01 04:38:09 PM 
Name: Terry Parlee
 Subject: Re: Update on Terry Parlee 

No truer words can be said my friend. Reading what you are all writing is brings me closer to all of you as well as closer to Doc. I will con't to monitor this page as often as possible. Thank you doesn't seem sufficient but you have it just the same. I love you all. 

Date: 04/14/01 03:50:45 PM 
Name: DR 
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com
 Subject: From Vic for Doc Parlee 

Debbe, Thanks for your appreciation for the graphic, it isn't much, and I only wish it was done for other reasons rather than the passing of one of 3/5 cherished Corpsmen. I was looking forward to meeting "Doc", and now never will but I do hope in a time of sorry he will be remembered instead for his sacrifices and duty towards his fellow man, especially during those trying times when I'm sure he helped to save many a Marine who was able to grow old. Sometimes,in death, we have to celebrate life, for we all have to travel the same road, some, arriving at their destination before others. May "Doc" rest in Peace, and those who loved him take comfort that he won't be forgotten. 
Semper Fi! Vic 

Vic Vilionis 
"Semper Fidelis 7th Marines" 

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, 
For he today that sheds his blood with me, Shall be my brother." 

Date: 04/14/01 04:10:48 PM 
Email:  GetSome033

Rosa & I are still in shock about Doc. A couple of days ago, I had got an email from Terry about Doc being under the weather, but I had no idea. Curtis had sent me an email also. Thanks for letting me know. Doc Parlee will surely be missed by all. We loved him very much. Rod (bones).

Date: 04/14/01 04:10:48 PM 
Name: John Gundersen (Gunny) 
Email: pfcgunny@yahoo.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

To all of my 3/5 brothers, wives, and especially Terry Parlee. My heart is very heavy right now because of the passing of the Doc. I have thought of him on a daily basis since our last reunion. He was one of the most gentle people I have ever met. He was always ready to help. Whether in a combat situation, or to tell you a joke to take the edge of a stressful day. I will miss him immensely. If there is anything I can do to help you Terry, please let me know. Sincerely Gunny 

Date: 04/14/01 04:34:28 PM 
Name: Terry Parlee 

Subject: Re: Doc Parlee 

Thank you Gunny for both the words & pictures. I know he will be waiting with open arms for all of you. You were what he always said "My Marines". He loved each & everyone of you. Thank you for everything. 
Love Terry

Gunny (I/3/5) and Bones (I/3/5) and Rosa

Date: 04/14/01 08:29:49 PM
Name: Christine
Email: Coral518@cs.com
Subject: Easter

May you all have a wonderful Easter that brings new hope and peace to all of us. You will all be in my prayers of thanks as I could not have found a better group of people to connect to. God Bless! Christine

Date: 04/14/01 10:24:03 PM
Name: Mitzi and Joe

Email: jomitzboy@yahoo.com
Subject: pride

It does my heart good to read the outpouring of affection, respect, admiration and condolences for Doc Parlee. And, Terry, you are some kinda woman to be out here and responding to folks at this time. I just had to say that my heart swells with pride to be in touch with such good people. Too many in the world don't know how to share their feelings and I don't see any of that here. My heart goes out to you, girl, we've talked about you for 2 days straight and never met you or Doc. Love you just the same as if we knew you both. Needed you to know there are folks you don't even know who are holding you real close to their hearts. 
Sending hugs your way, Mitzi and Joe

Name: Terry Parlee
Subject: Re: pride

Thank you so much. I appreciate & love everyone out here. Many blessings to you. 
Love Terry Parlee 

April 15, 2001

Name: Terry Parlee
Subject: Easter & Doc

Good Morning to all of you! I wanted to say Happy Easter to all of our brothers/sisters out here this morning. Though my heart is mournful this morning I do know we all have to believe that all things that happen are for the good. I also know that Doc would have wanted to wish you all a very Blessed Easter today & with prayers that many blessing will fall upon you all. Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers. I do feel them. Please be safe & happy today. Love & hugs Terry Parlee

Date: 04/15/01 04:52:12 AM
Name: Brenda
Email: Turtletrax@aol.com
Subject: Re: Easter & Doc

Good Morning Terry. I was hoping you would call this morning but maybe you didn't feel like talking and I can understand that. Just try to remember that Jesus died so good men like Doc would spend eternity with Him. He has to be looking down on us all right now with love. We will all see him again, we just have to wait a while longer. May God bless you this Easter Terry, you are in my thoughts and my heart. I love you Sister. 
Love and Happy Easter from Brenda E 

Date: 04/15/01 08:14:11 AM
Name: DR
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com
Subject: Re: Easter & Doc

And Good Morning to you, Terry...so good to know you are with us here! You are so right about Doc, we would have been opening several of his great emails right about now...he knew how to start our day with grins and giggles...I was afraid Easter would take on a different meaning for us...but now I know it will just be that much more special remembering how we all came together at this time, with a closeness no one will forget...I can now face this Easter morn, and look to Heaven and say "Thank You, Lord" for caring for us in our time of need, and for gently lifting our Brother up to his special place. We love you, Sis, thank you for being there for US too. Hugs!!! 

Brad and Deb (M/3/5)

Date: 04/15/01 10:37:37 AM
Name: Curtis
Email: Jarheadnam@aol.com
Subject: Re: Easter & Doc

Terry, we know that Doc. is smiling on us with happy thoughts. Easter is a time of Joy and giving for all. We give you our love and thoughts completely and freely as we do and have everyday. 

Date: 04/15/01 11:11:29 AM
Name: John Gundersen (Gunny)
Email: pfcgunny@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Easter & Doc

As I read all of the tributes this morning, I wonder at the things of life and death. I have come to realize that Doc's life has not ended, only that small part that comes with earthly existence. It is my feeling that the love and support that comes across here is Doc' life working through all of us. I feel his presence here lifting me up on this easter sunday. thanks once again Doc. And to you Terry, I send this feeling of love on to you this day. You are a blessed being to have such people as he in your life. Happy Easter to all of you brothers and sisters. I Love you all, Gunny 

Date: 04/15/01 12:22:25 PM
Name: Brad
Email: Brad3Mike5@aol.com
Subject: Re: Easter & Doc

Hi Terry, just wanted to tell you I love ya, and want to thank you for all you've done for Doc, and Me and so many of us. Semper fi, Lady!! 

Date: 04/15/01 06:33:27 AM
Name: Hank Oliver
Email: lhankol@bellsouth.net


Doc Parlee, he was our Corpsman
Wounded three times in the 'Nam
He cared so much for his brothers
He still didn't want to go home

No one cared more for his brothers
There was no one who had more concern
We all knew he would be there to help us
No matter how bad things could turn

Now Doc has been called home to heaven
The place for his eternal rest
God must have a need for a Corpsman
We can all say that He got the best!

We will miss you, Doc
 Semper Fi! Hank Oliver, 4/01

Hank and Linda Oliver (I/3/5)

Date: 04/15/01 05:08:26 PM
Name: Terry Parlee

Thanks for those words Hank. Even though I am still lost with him it is nice to know that he is where he should be. These words mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Date: 04/15/01 08:06:44 AM
Name: DR
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com

You got a great way with words, Hank!! You put all our feelings into one beautiful tribute. And I bet you probably got a tune to go with it...looking forward to hearing your beautiful voice and songs in Georgia...thank you so much for sharing this with us. Semper fi, Brother!!

Date: 04/15/01 02:24:03 PM
Name: Hank Oliver
Email: lhankol@bellsouth.net

Thanks Deb, no words can truly express how Terry and all that knew Doc are feeling...I do have a tune for Doc's tribute, I don't know if I can get through it without breaking up, though. Semper Fi, Hank 

Date: 04/15/01 02:36:02 PM
Name: DR
Email: webbedebbe@aol.com

Understand Brother, we've cried a river, but our tears of sadness are mixed with a pride I can't explain, pride in knowing we have been blessed a truly special couple...they have been lifesavers to us. I have committed your words to memory, they will be in my heart forever.

Date: 04/15/01 02:34:36 PM
Name: Greeneman, M/3/5

My deepest sympathy to Terry Parlee. New Orders have been cut for Doc by the Supreme Commander. He will stand his post in heaven well. 
Semper Fi, Greeneman

Greeneman (M/3/5)

Date: 04/15/01 03:09:52 PM
Name: Paul O'Connell
Email: Us0311mc@aol.com
Subject: From Paul O'Connell to the Parlee Family

I did not personally know Doc Parlee, but I do know that any man who was a corpsman serving Marines in the field was a kind caring person who would never have
been afraid to have given their life to save another....... May Doc Parlee rest in peace with those he tried to save.
 Semper fi, Paul O'Connell, Mike 3/5

Paul O'Connell (M/3/5)

Date: 04/15/01 03:23:56 PM
Name: Doug Maier, M/3/5
Email: DMaier1212@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

So sorry and our prayers go out to Doc's family and friends. 
Diane & Doug Maier

Doug Maier (M/3/5)

Date: 04/15/01 04:16:32 PM
Name: David Hilton
Email: hvmarines@home.com
Subject: Doc

Terry you have our deepest sympathy. It always saddens us to lose one of our own.
 Dave Hilton 1st Bn. 1st Marines

Date: 04/15/01 04:40:15 PM
Name: Jerry L. Bain
Email: jkbain@yahoo.com
Subject: Doc

This Easter evening my heart is still heavy with saddness. But I know Our Doc is in heaven with our Lord. Knowing doc he is telling God a joke or two. Terry our love and prayers are with you this day and always. I'am going to miss those "pork Chop Side burns" Love you Doc. Terry we are here for you Now and Always!! 
Love and Prayers Karen & Jerry

Date: 04/15/01 05:12:39 PM
Name: Terry Parlee
Subject: Re: Doc

Hello Jerry & Karen, Sorry I haven't been in touch with you personally yet but I will I promise. Reading this board off & on during the last few days has made some of the confusion & sense of loss ease. My heart feels heavy today as well & it has been a very difficult day. But I hope you know that Doc would have wanted all of you to have a very happy & special Easter Sunday. Just give each other lots of hugs & don't let today be wasted. Love each other please. I will be in touch. 
Love Terry 

Date: 04/15/01 05:34:46 PM
Name: Richard "MONTY" Montgomery, M/3/5
Email: Rmontg5805@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

Doc, Corpsman, Medic, Hero, Saviour...all the same.
Tears fall, sadness overwhelms.. Then, memories, and
Here's to us, Doc. And those, just like us..... DAMN FEW!

Monty (left) M/3/5

Date: 04/15/01 07:05:47 PM
Name: Brad Reynolds, M/3/5
Email: Brad3Mike5@aol.com
Subject: Re: Doc Parlee

You said it all, Brother. Semper fi, Doc! Semper fi, Terry! We will never forget!!! 

Date: 04/15/01 05:41:11 PM
Name: Bev
Email: Davebevlov@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

Hello Terry, God Love You Sweetie and give you strength to get though this terrible time in you life. Just can't imagine the sense of loss you are feeling right now! I am sending you a URL that I hope will give you some comfort. It is called the "Letter From Heaven." Somehow I think Doc would have wanted you to read it.

God Bless
Combat Wife
3/22 25th Infantry Div.
Class of 68-69

Date: 04/15/01 07:22:24 PM
Name: MSgt John Kenes USMC (retired)
Email: MSgtKenesUSMC@charter.net
Subject: DOC

My deepest sympathy to Doc Family in their hour of sorrow. I did not know Doc but in nearly five years of combat I have the highest respect for Corpsmen. When everyone else is trying to get in a hole or as low as you can get, you find the Corpsman up and running taking care of the wounded when the word CORPSMAN UP! or DOC is sounded. We'll remember DOC in our prayers.
May God Bless. Ken

Date: 04/15/01 08:54:51 PM
Name: ART ROE swcs usn {ret}
Email: fightingseabees@webtv.net
Subject: Doc Parlee

It is with sincere sadness that we must again sound TAPS for one who has served his country and his fellow man. We of the Navy Seabees as well as USMC have learned that the "Rent-a-Doc" is the best and shall never be forgotten. Without Doc Ron Parlee my friend Brad may not have had the chance to be with us today. May he rest in peace.

Art and Joan Roe

Date: 04/15/01 08:31:18 PM 
Name: Scott McClellan 
Email: plws@pacbell.net 
Subject: Doc 

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of a Marine's Corpsman. My sincere condolences to the family.


Scott McClellan (H&S 2/7)

Date: 04/15/01 08:55:06 PM 
Name: John Francis Richter
Email: gyrene-doc@webtv.net 
Subject: Tribute to Ron Parlee 

Hi Terry! -- So sorry to hear of your great loss!! -- It's obvious, Doc Ron had NO problem whatsoever on passing through Heaven's "Pearly Gates" guarded by our Brother U.S.MARINES!! 
-- In Prayer: Doc Richter -- SEMPER FI!! 

Date: 04/15/01 07:36:52 PM
 Name: Doc Whiskey / Steve Weltzbarker 
Email: s.slade2@gte.net 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

I did not know Doc Parlee. I do know sadness from the death of a loved-one.  It doesn't matter whether they die unexpectedly,  or if we have the anguish-provoking warning of immutable  eternity, the loss we feel brings the unwanted mixture of fear and depression until the sweetness of vivid and precious  memories ushers our inner-self back to the ability to cope  and sustain.  The healing comfort from caring friends is priceless, and  helps the smooth return to happiness, which seems so far away.  I hope for you the serenity of a living past that you can draw from to help transform this tragedy to happiness again. 
Sincerely, Doc Whiskey - Mike 3/5/1 - 68-69 

Doc Whiskey (M/3/5)

April 16, 2001

Date: 04/16/01 04:29:35 PM 
Name: Bob Filice 
Email: refilice1209@hotmail.com 
Subject: Fallen Comrade 

To the Family, and Love ones of Ron "Doc" Parlee. We are very sorry to hear of the passing of "Doc". Although we never knew him personally, we know that he was a very fine person.  "Doc's" soul is with God, but his spirit will always be with us.  God Bless, and rest in peace "Doc". With our deepest sympathy, 
Bob and Karen Filice. 

Bob and Karen Filice (HQ 5th Marines)

Date: 04/16/01 07:18:03 PM 
Name: Dee Git10s 
Email: skeeweed@aol.com 
Subject: Re: Fallen Comrade 

Semper Fidelis ! 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Ron "Doc" Parlee. 
As we approach Memorial Day, let us remember all of our fallen comrades like "Doc" and the others before him who have gone to fight for the True Commander In Chief in the sky. 
Dee Former Keywife for the 7th Combat Engineers Camp Pendleton, CA 

Date: 04/16/01 10:27:53 AM 
Name: Doc Everett Wood, M/3/5 
Email: ewood@vincennes.net 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

I'm so sorry to hear about Doc Parlee. May the God Lord Bless Him. 
Doc Wood 

Date: 04/16/01 09:41:46 AM 
Name: CB 
Email: curtb51@hotmail.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

Terry, I am so sorry for your tragic loss of DOC. 

There is never anything which anyone, no matter how close they were or how well they may have known someone to convey the true way in which they feel during your time of loss and grief. 

I was never fortunate enough to have really known Doc Parlee other than things which I read about him on these pages. I'm sure that I crossed his path or he mine while we were in the Nam at one time or the other. But to have really known him, of that pleasure I did not have the honor. But from all which I have read concerning him and all which I know in reference to the works and the miracles which those young warriors performed, he was just like all of the Doc's a very special person to all of us which placed our lives into their caring and knowing hands. Those young men were true warriors and they are going to be missed. We, as a whole, (COMBAT MARINES) owed a great deal to these men and I have yet to find a Marine especially a combat Marine which does not feel this way. 

I do wish that I would have had the honor of getting to know the Doc. But some day I am certain that this wish will be granted he so that and I will have the opportunity to talk and fellowship together. It is just not feasible to think that people which placed their lives below all others, (EVEN IF THEY DID NOT KNOW THEM), so they were not reacting to friendship only to the job which they had been commissioned with could be any other place than in heaven , of this I am certain. 

May God be with you and continue to bless and to comfort you. 

Curtis Batten--cb 
Mike 3/5 1967--1968 

Curtis Batten (M/3/5)

April 17, 2001

Date: 04/17/01 09:37:57 AM
 Name: Curtis 
Email: Jarheadnam@aol.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

I got this from Terry this morning. She is still having a hard time right now but she is beginning to make some plans. I will post what I know as soon as I know. Thank y'all for bearing with her on this. Later

I am trying to clean up around the house some. As for what I want Joe to do, anything he wants. The memorial services will be here in Redding but the funeral services will be in Medford, Oregon at Eagle Point National Cemetary. It depends on where he lives here in CA & how far he wants to drive. Just let me know. I am going through pics of Doc & will have one to you soon I promise. It seems each one brings back a few extra memories. That is ok though. Don't worry about me ok? I will talk to you later, love & hugs 

Date: 04/17/01 09:42:07 PM 
Name: DR
 Email: webbedebbe@aol.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee, cause of death

Curtis Eidson just wrote to tell us that it was bilateral pulmonary pneumonia that took Doc Parlee from us. 

Date: 04/17/01 10:57:35 AM 
Name: Grady Rainbow, Mike 3/5 
Email: e7gunny@home.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

I wish to add my sorrow for this loss. We few brothers are disappearing too fast and can hardly afford to lose such a wonderful man. I never had the pleasure of knowing Doc Parlee, but the title "DOC" says enough for me.  The heroism of the Fleet Corpsmen speaks for itself. He was one of the many that suffered so we would live.  Tip a glass each year for this hero. Semper Fi Doc.... Mrs. Parlee, please accept my condolences and prayers. 
GySgt. Grady L. Rainbow USMC (disabled) 

Grady Rainbow (M/3/5)

Date: 04/17/01 05:44:12 AM
 Name: Doc Hoffer 

Email: HMCUSN8404@AOL.COM 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

Sorry to see a shipmate go. Even though I didn't know Doc loosing a shipmate is hard. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.. DOC Hoffer. USN Retired, LIMA 3/1 

Doc Joe Hoffer (L/3/1)

Date: 04/17/01 01:12:34 AM 
Name: L/Cpl E. Harper 
Email: EHa1948 
Subject: Doc Parlee 

My prayers go out to the family and brothers of Doc Parlee, although we were on the Asian vacation at different times and I did not know him  personally, I knew of him through those that followed him, if you can comprehend where I'm coming from.  We are scattered, some of us have gone on to do well, some not so well. Some still walk among us, some have long gone to eternal peace, none the less we are and will always be a family...Semper Fi 

April 18, 2001

Date: 04/18/01 07:32:38 AM 
Name: Don Rexroad 
Email: DonRexroadUSMC @aol.com 
Subject: Doc Parlee

I am indeed sorry to hear of Doc Parlee's death. Would you be kind enough to express my wife's and my sincere condolences? Thanks. 
Semper Fi 

Date: 04/18/2001
Name: Gunny Belmont, M/3/5
Email: gunnyb68@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

It always saddens me when we lose a brother. But we will all meet again one day as we stand guard at the gates greeting another brother Marine. 



Gunny Belmont '68

Date: 04/18/2001
Name: Pete Morales, H&S 3/5
Email: JarHeadx65@aol.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

We're saddened to get the news that Doc Ron Parlee has passed away. It's been a great loss to us in 3/5 & to Terry.  Our prayers go out to Terry & her family.
Semper Fi!
Pete & Sonia Morales

Date: 04/18/2001
Name: Cajun Bob, Delta 1/5
Email: q@delta15.com
Subject: Doc Parlee

On behalf of the Delta 1/5 brothers may I express our deepest sympathy and condolences to Doc's family and brothers. I knew Ron Parlee, he was a fine man and a good brother...With respect...

Semper Fi
Cajun Bob
Delta 1/5 brothers

3/5 Reunion 2000
La Grange, Georgia

Dennis Tenety (I/3/5), Ed McCurry (H&S 3/5), Jim Blankenheim (H&S and Mike 3/5), Mike Wilson (H&S 3/5), "Doc" Ron Parlee (I/3/5), Eddie Garcia (I/3/5), Hank Oliver (I/3/5), John Gunderson (I/3/5), Jerry Lomax (M/3/5), Brad Reynolds (M/3/5), Jerry Bain (I/3/5), Curtis Eidson (I/3/5), John Costello (I/3/5), Rod Johnson (I/3/5), Howard Rainer (I/3/5).

3/5 Combat Wives 2000
La Grange, Georgia

Dorothy Rainer (I/3/5), Dana Wilson (H&S 3/5), Linda Oliver (I/3/5), Betty McCurry (H&S 3/5), Phyllis Blankenheim (H&S and M?3/5), Julie Morris (I/3/5), Debbe Reynolds (M/3/5), Brenda Eidson (I/3/5), Bev Alberson (friend), Terry Parlee (I/3/5), Rosa Johnson (I/3/5) and Karen Bain (I/3/5).

FMF Corpsman title graphic by Redeye
Doc Parlee's Memorial graphic and India 3/5 graphic by Vic Vilionis, 7th Marines

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