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In Memory of

Larry Searight

Passed away May 10, 2002

Larry Searight

Larry Searight served in Vietnam with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, Mike Company. He was Wounded in Action during Operation MAMELUKE THRUST, losing his foot after stepping on a mine. Larry was on his way from Southern California to La Grange, Georgia for his first Reunion with Marines he served with. He made it to Fort Worth, Texas to his daughter's, then succumbed to a massive heart attack. Larry will always be remembered and missed by his fellow Marines. Semper fi, Brother~Brad and Debbe Reynolds

Larry Searight I joined "M" Company in July of '68, was in 3rd platoon. Spent the first week packing company gear because we were going tobe a roving battalion for the monsoon season. Took a truck convoy to Hue, where the gear was loaded on a LST,  then to Da Nang. From there we went to Phu Bai then An Hoa, or An Hoa then Phu Bai.

Joined the rest of the company, went to Hill 310 where we walked into an ambush. We took a couple WIA's,  and spent 7 days there.  From there over to Hill 55, got there for lunch, we were supposed to stay the night, but got word that we were going to Phu Bai for another operation. Everybody was mad because the movie that night was the "Dirty Dozen".

I was wounded on August 17, stepped on a land mine. We were near that Swiss or German hospital outside of Phu Bai or An Hoa. We were to hit this village, but it was raining pretty hard and we lost our air support, so the CO said we were going to set up a 360 for the night. My squad leader started off, I let him get out about 15 feet or so. I followed in his footsteps, took 3 steps and that's when the bobby trap/land mine went off.

One of the corpsmen that patched me up I met him in the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, he was wounded around October. I can't remember his name offhand. He did say the other corpsman was killed in the beginning of September. This corpsman was Doc Wright I found out after finding the "M" 3/5 site.

Semper Fi, Larry Searight

searightboot.jpg (189818 bytes)

Platoon #323, MCRD San Diego, April 1968
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I'm in the second row, fourth one in from the right, the next guy to me has glasses. The majority of the platoon came from Minnesota, but we had guys from  AZ, KY, TN. In searching for guys from boot camp, I have located 15, with one name on the Wall. Hoping to find more. 

Drill Instructors were: S/Sgt. R. C. Jarrett, S/Sgt. R. W. Tanner, Sgt. B. R. Stanley. 

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Lance Cpl. (E3)

Larry (left) and his former DI, S/Sgt. Tanner, meet up after 33 years!

Larry's wife, Karolyn (left), and Debbie Tanner

Memorial for Larry Searight
24 May 2002

M Co. 3/5 Marines Bill Vandegriff and Jim Blankenheim brought the 3/5 Memorial wreath from our Reunion to Larry's Memorial.

Pictures courtesy of Jim Blankenheim (M/3/5)

Rest Easy Brother Marine, We Will Never Forget


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