Art Green (white shirt) and Friends

Art Green, India 3/5 I joined USMC in July of 1965, signed up for Westpac quota in '67. I was with F Co. 2/6 in Lejeune. Got to Nam in time for the last few days of UNION, went right into UNION II with India Co. 3/5. A lot of my Bro's from 2/6 ended up on UNION II with Delta Co. 5th Marines.

Before I was sent over, I was sent to Fort Bragg to train with the Green Beret counter-insurgency psy war team. They sent 40 of us, Cpl.'s and Sgt's. When I got to Nam, UNION was hot, and we were all sent to our original mos... 0311.

After UNION II, ADAIR and CALHOUN, I was sent Temporary assigned duty to 277th Psyop's, III MAF, which in turn sent me all over the place. Khe Sahn for TET, Con Tien, Quang Tri, Cua Viet and everywhere in between.

I came back to India Co. 3/5 in time for HOUSTON II and ALLENBROOK where I took some shrapnel from a tomato can land mine. Rotated out early June. The guys in the above picture, David Drummond (left) and Jay Toth (right) are from my home town, near Buffalo NY. (North Tonawanda). I've moved around a lot, Texas, Colorodo and back to New York, I haven't had contact with them for 30 years or so.

I remember Emp and Fayola, when we got mined on a convoy outside of Hill 55 (or 63). Can't remember the rest of the names. Also Dan Neuenschwander, who was KIA when we got hit at night guarding a bridge on Highway 1. I believe that Dwight Carroll was KIA when we went to help another Platoon that ran into a bunker complex.

I now live on a small farm in southwest NY, West Valley... more cows here than people. My wife and I board horses, have a few of our own. We also raise Labrador Retreivers. Hope to make the next reunion (2003). Semper Fi, Art

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Art and Mary Green
3/5 Reunion 2003
La Grange, Georgia