Greg Francesco, B Co. 1st Recon Bn
Behind the tent at Chu Lai

Gregory Francesco, India 3/5 and 1st Recon Bn. I was a squad leader with 3rd. Plt. while the company was training at Camp Pendleton in late 1965. During this same period, I was sent to SCUBA school in San Diego. I stayed with I/3/5 while in Okinawa, and the training at Camp Fuji.

I was transferred to B Co. 1st. Recon Bn. just before the Co. went afloat to the Philippines. My recon Plt. was attached to 3/5 for DECKHOUSE I and II, NATHAN HALE and HASTINGS working off of the Princeton.

I had been to VN earlier with K/3/9 landing in March of 1965, serving with Ridge, Reagan, Bartzak, and Lacerte. I finished my tour and enlistment with Recon, working out of Chu Lai. I currently live in NJ, and work in NYC for Goldman Sachs.

Semper Fi to all~ Greg

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India 3/5, 3rd Platoon
Okinawa, Japan
Greg is farthest right in the first row on the bleachers

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At Chu Lai, ready to go out.

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3rd plt. 1st Recon Bn. ready to go

Bill Clark and Hector Gutierrez ready to go out. We were in the same fire team.

Me (3rd from left) and 1st Recon team

Bill Crawford and myself ( on the right ) behind the tent at Chu Lai.
Bill was killed about two weeks after I left.

My grandson Tucker, daughter Jill, and granddaughter Chloe. Tucker is 2 1/2 and Chloe is 4 1/2.
We are very proud grandparents. I never knew that grandchildren would be so much fun!


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