Frank E. Clark
Parris Island, 1960

Frank "Earl" Clark, Mike 3/5  My name is Frank E. Clark. I was with Mike Co. from December 1966 until November 1967. I was a Sergeant, serving as Machine Gun Section Leader, Weapons Platoon Sergeant, and 2nd Platoon Sergeant. 

I was on Operation DeSoto, Union I, Union II, and several others. In Nov. '67, I was transfered to Security Platoon, Hqs. Co., Headquarters Battalion, providing security around the Command Bunker at Freedom Hill. 

I rotated back to the States in January '68. SEMPER FI.~Frank E. Clark

    From left to right: Sgt. Clark, Sgt. Sullivan ("Sully"), LCpl. Mercurio, and SSgt. Rogers SSgt. Rogers was killed Nov. 8, 1967 during Operation Essex

    Sgt. Clark was in Vietnam during many of the same military operations with Brad. You can see more of his pictures, and read about his combat history at his Marine Corps website. Thank you for sharing these priceless photos with us, Frank.~DR~

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