Bill Rockey

Bill Rockey, H&S 3/5 Lt. Col. Rockey arrived in Vietnam in August 1967, and in September became Commander of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. Operations participated in by the Marines of 3/5 under his command included  Operations SWIFT, SHELBYVILLE, ESSEX, DENVER, BAXTER, JUNCTION, AUBURN, many No-Names, the TET Offensive, and HOUSTON.

Before Lt. Col. Rockey left the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines in March '68, he sent a farewell address to his troops commending them for their outstanding performance as a fighting force. His letter of appreciation to his Marines encouraged them to carry on in the "illustrious 5th Marine tradition," and is still inspiring  3/5 Marines and Corpsmen today. 

I personally, am very grateful that "my Marine" served under a commander who cared so much for his men. Thank you so much, Col. Rockey, for your encouraging words, and for sharing your pictures. I am honored to know you, and call you "My Friend." God bless, DR


  Lt. Col. Bill Rockey 

Left Picture: Sgt. Maj. Jerry Hanson (sitting) and Lt. Col. Bill Rockey
 Right Picture: Sgt. Maj. Jerry Hanson and Gunner Jim Bisesi

3rb Battalion, 5th Marines Reunion 2003
La Grange, Georgia

Bill Rockey

Left: Dean Esslinger (former 3/5 CO), Bill Rockey, Frank Ambrose (M/3/5)
Right: Jerry Bain, Gil Currie, Bill Rockey, Craig Tschetter, Jim Moss, JD Murray

Operation SWIFT


Operation ESSEX

Operation AUBURN

 Letter of Appreciation to 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines

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