Elliot "Recon" Rubenfeld

Elliot Rubenfeld, Mike 3/5 and Force Recon My name is Elliot Rubenfeld. Some may know me as "Recon" or "JJ". I was with 2nd platoon M Co. 3/5, Sgt. Peters' squad from 7/67 to 12/67. I was the short guy from 2nd Recon who wore jump wings all the time.

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Me and M/3/5 Marines

My big claim to fame was on Operation SWIFT 9/12 where we were on an ambush and got hit by Spooky in the early morning. Carnell died in my arms, and two others were shot and medivaced. I didn't get hit.

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Me and "Sugarbear" Bryant (on the right) before SWIFT

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Me (with helmet) and Rodriguez

This picture must have been taken in November on Operation ESSEX, just before I got hit. We were being ambushed almost every hour while moving to our objective. They said that was my thousand yard stare.~"RECON"

The Marine sitting next to Rubenfeld is named Rodriguez, first name I can't remember. I think maybe Jim? He was from N.Y. like you, I think. He showed up at the Naval Hospital in Yacosuka, Japan shortly after I was wounded. We were on the same ward. He told me he had been hit just outside the battlion area during the first days of TET, if I remember right. Semper Fi.~"Short Round," Frm. Sgt.Tony Martinez, Mike Co 2nd squad, 2nd plt.

Operation ESSEX

On Operation ESSEX, 2nd platoon was the point platoon when we got online to assault the village. I was with the point squad. I got shot in the knee and was medivaced. When I returned to the company, they sent me back to 1st Force Recon where I stayed till Sept. 1968 when I got my third heart.

I was sent to Hawaii for the remainder of my Marine Corps tour. If anyone remembers the names of the Marines in my pictures, please let me know. Semper fi, Elliot "Recon" Rubenfeld

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Still jumping!

Me and M Co. 3/5 Marines at the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines Reunion, May 2003

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Operation SWIFT


Operation ESSEX

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