Gordy Seablom

Gordy Seablom, Mike 3/5 Served with M Co. 3/5 1966-67 My dad was a World War II hero, captured 17 Germans, received the Bronze Star. He was ski trooper Army. My brother was killed in South Viet-Nam July '68... Missing In Action 34 years, Purple Heart, Bronze Star. I received Bronze Star, Purple Heart, wrote up for a few medals. Love the USMC.

Three days after graduation USMC,1966 Viet-Nam Nov. '66 to Dec. '67 0311 and rocket squad leader. Operations included UNION and UNION II, COCHISE, SWIFT. Cried when I left Viet-Nam. My men came 1st, I did not want to leave them behind.

I could write a book on my life. Married 2 times... divorced. Was in motorcyle gang... work in shipyards, machine shops, restaurants, college 5 years... was going to be preacher... now I am master Plumber and telling people how I came to know a man named Jesus. I love helping others, and one thing's for sure, Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi, Gordy

(picture courtesy of Roger "Nick" Nicholson)

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Left: Bronze Star citation for Operation UNION
Navy Commendation citation for Operation UNION II

Gordy at the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines 2003 Reunion
La Grange, Georgia

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M Co. 3/5 Marines together again!
3/5 Reunion, May 2003

Operation UNION and UNION II

Operation COCHISE

Operation SWIFT

Mike 3/5 website

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