By Hank Oliver, USMC

I wrote this song, sorta a pasttime of mine, I've played a little music over the years & wrote some, kinda private stuff, you know - but in '96 we were in Daytona for Bike Week & we went in this shop & the guy there was a Vietnam Vet. When he found out we were too, he called his wife out and she came around the counter and gave me and my buddies a big hug and said, "Welcome Back."

Well, that really touched me, and I've had this song in my mind ever since then...finally finished it late last year but haven't shown it to anyone, they I know I'm not a pro & it probably don't mean much to most people, even some that were there. Wish I could send the tune along with it, but I haven't got it recorded yet- here it is:

Nobody Told Us Welcome Home

Some of us were volunteers and some of us were drafted,
They sent us to a place called Vietnam,
They told us we were there to help them fight the Communism
In 12 months and 20 days they said that we could come back home

But little did we know back home the people were against us,
They were playing for themselves another song,
Some of us thought that we'd return and be welcomed back as heroes
But nobody even told us, "Welcome Home"

We were spat upon and ridiculed, they called us baby killers,
Made us feel that everything we'd done was wrong,
But the part that hurt the worst was no one tried to understand us,
And nobody even told us, "Welcome Home"

They're not concerned about the blood we shed, nor the fear of not returning,
Nor the pain of losing comrades we'd known long,
Then to finally fly that Freedom Bird to the land of milk & honey
And have nobody tell you, "Welcome Home"

Copyright 1999, Hank Oliver

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