I was sitting here at the table on the morning of the July 4, 2001 having my coffee and was thinking about only 2 cases that I witnessed, both were bad, but one was REAL bad, and REALLY sorry for him...but any way, I wrote this Poem in about 25 min. and surprised myself, but it was where my thoughts were at that time. Doug Maier, 3rd Bn. 5th Marines, Mike Co. 1968

Shell Shock Vets

The 4th of July is a celebrated day,
for this country's Freedom and all its ways.

Fire Crackers popping in the street,
as people light them and throw at your feet. 

The popping and cracking all day long,
the Shell Shock Vet wants this day gone.

He low crawls across his bedroom floor,
As he hears the popping outside his door.

He wraps a pillow around his ears,
to stop those sounds he always hears.

On this day he is seldom seen,
as the day goes on he will sometimes scream.

He puts the pillow over his mouth,
to muffle his fears as he screams out.

He knows that night time is soon to come,
when the pops and cracks turn into Big Guns.

The pops and the cracks have turned into Booms,
and he knows that it will be over soon.

During this time he relives his fear,
and prays that quietness will soon be here.

For these Shell Shock Vets, I know their fears,
as daybreak is coming and will soon be here.

Doug Maier, 3rd Bn. 5th Marines, Mike Co. 1968


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