Curtis and Brenda Eidson
May 2003

For Curtis

I first met my husband, Curtis Eidson, in 1990. We happened to be going to the same church at the time, and I had been sitting on the right side of the church. One Sunday something just told me to sit on the left side, and he was sitting there. We talked, and he asked me out. 

On our first date, he told me about Vietnam and all the trouble that he had seen, and the problems that he had since he had been back. I felt so bad for him that I began to read books about 'Nam. I could not believe some of the things that the books spoke of, horrible things. I hated the thought that Curtis and all the others had to deal with all that. 

What he had told me only made me care more for him, and as we saw more of each other I began to see that he felt as if no one cared for him, no one cared what happened to him. But I cared, and I determined  to let him know that. I like to believe that I helped him learn how to deal with the rejections that he was experiencing at the time, and the lost feeling that he had. 

As time went by, we began building this house, and we married on Dec 1, 1991. I love him just as much or more today as I did when we married. He still has bad days and nightmares, but I do not believe they are as bad as they were then.

To Curtis I want to say, I love you so very much, even if it doesn't always show, and I'm here right beside you when you need me.  Love, Brenda