A New Year of Years...January 1, 2002

Yet another year has gone by...
And inside my heart and mind,
I still cry...

I still feel their pain
 and fear...
Year after year.

I told myself
 I did my best...
As I laid a young man to his rest.

Teenagers one and all...
I watched when they would fall.
And to them I would crawl.

A boy
 in a man's uniform,
his body ripped and torn...

Holding back his tears,
as best he can,
Because the boy was told he was a man...

Doc, Doc, 
am I going to die?
I knew I would have to lie...

They were all young and brave,
and fought the "unpopular" war.
For which they were mocked,

After all these years I'm still proud,
that I was one of those 
who they called Doc.

John A. Colucco 1/5 1966

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