Dennis Heon

Dennis Heon, Mike 3/5 I was in the 60mm mortar section from May '67 to June '68, section leader Nov. '67-June '68. Operations included UNION II, ADAIR, COCHISE, SWIFT, ESSEX, AUBURN, HOUSTON I and II, ALLEN BROOK and MAMELUKE THRUST.

I remember a Marine in rockets, don't know his name but a gentle giant he was. He was big (about 5' 8" to 5' 10", but was about 250 lbs), with reddish hair and was KIA on Operation SWIFT. I was told that after he used all his rockets, he then took out a machine gun position using his .45 and then killed 3 or 4 NVA with his e-tool before they got him. I also was told, he was one of three Marines that was to be put in for the Medal Of Honor (I guess he didn't get it).

This PIC is of a Navy Commendation I received, what is interesting about it is the date, 27 DEC 1967 (this was one of those no-names ops), the very next day 28 Dec. 67 Mike CO. was picked up by choppers and entered into Operation AUBURN. I remember being dropped off in that damn tall grass (I'm small, so I couldn't see much making my way out of it).

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3/5 Base Camp

1. Rear, Jack Levy and Connie (don't remember his first name); Front, Johnson and John Mason
2. John Mason cleaning the Mortar tripod
3. My mortar crew

John Mason and (I think) a rocket guy playing basketball

M/3/5 Rocket section
1. (?), Tom Briggs (KIA 8 Feb. 68), (?)
2. Tom Briggs
3. Richard Hipp, (?)

Charles Scott writing home

Richard (Monty) Montgomery trying to shave with cold water

Mike 3/5 website

Operation UNION and UNION II 

Operation COCHISE

Operation SWIFT

Operation ESSEX

Operation AUBURN

Operation HOUSTON

Operation HOUSTON II