Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly, Mike 3/5 Served with 3rd platoon M Co. 3/5 from September 66-Oct. 67. Operations included DESOTO and UNION. About 10-10:30 a.m. on May 1, 1967, I was shot while on an operation. I was carrying a radio for Lt. Johnson of the 3rd Platoon.  Around 11 a.m. I was picked up with some other Marines and medevaced to a field hospital where they removed the bullet and tended to me and others.  

Just after dark, two helicopters came to take us to the hospital ship, the USS Sanctuary. The helicopter I was on was equipped to hold stretchers, and was loaded with all Marines on stretchers. The other helicopter took Marines on stretchers, and also those who could walk. A short while after we took off, I saw tracers going up and our window gunners firing down. I also saw the muzzle flashes from the gunner on the other chopper, so I know they also received fire. This lasted only a short time.

We continued out over the ocean to the Sanctuary. The helicopter I was on landed on the Sanctuary first. While we were being unloaded, the other helicopter circled. Before the helicopter I was on took off, the other one crashed into the sea. A few days later, some of those from that helicopter were recovered from the ocean by sailors from the Sanctuary. I believe that it was due to enemy fire. Kevin Kelly

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Address while in Vietnam
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John "Rat" Robbins, Pete Dye, Chuck Cummings, Kevin Kelly
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I met Chuck Cummings for the first time on March 22, 1966, the day we were sworn in to the USMC. For the next 2 years we were side by side from Parris Island to Camp Lejuene, to Camp Pendleton to Oky, to Mike 3/5. After I was shot on May 1, and went to the USS Sanctuary, Chuck was in the next bed a few days later. Our entire time in the Marine Corps, we were together. We drove home from Camp Lejuene after discharged together in my car. He was a great fighter, and a great Marine. We have kept in touch over the last 34 years. 

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Bronze Star Citation for actions during Operation DESOTO
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At the bottom of the citation it is signed originally by General Krulak, later his son became the commandant of the Marine Corps. A friend of mine was picking up the son, the commandant, at the Philadelphia Airport and I gave him my citation. He signed it and made that notation. I am very proud to have that. 

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Pfc. Michael Callahan, KIA Nov. 8, 1967 during Operation ESSEX
Michael Callahan Memorial
I was sent back to M/3/5 in September '67 until my tour was over October 13th. I operated the radio. The Marine I trained to take my place, Michael Callahan, was killed in November '67. 
Kevin and Merry Kelly
Fall 2001

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