Dennis Tylinski "Ski" near Chu Lai Air Base, 1966

Dennis "Ski" Tylinski, Mike 3/5 My tour started on 6 Oct. '66, and ended 1 Nov. '67. A lot of things I've forgotten, but there are things that I'll remember forever. Was on most of the operations during that time, DESOTO, UNION  I and II, and SWIFT were the ones I remember the most. 

Was wounded 26 May '67, first day of UNION II in the late afternoon. If I remember correctly, Doc Conklin (KIA) was with our platoon. Our platoon CP was taken out by a mortar round or something. I do remember seeing the blast, I wasn't very far away. About seven guys were taken out, including our Lt. I think his name was Lt. Johnson, (a mustanger). I remember seeing him in the hospital later, but not after that. I was wounded later that day. Semper Fi, Ski

Ski, Hill 69 Chu Lai

Ski, near end of tour

l-r-ski,roger-gaughan,bob-s.jpg (41967 bytes) 

Ski, Roger Gaughan, Bob S.

 Roger Gaughan was wounded 1 May '67 during Operation UNION, then killed when the chopper he was on crashed into the sea. His name stands proud on the Mike 3/5 Wall of Honor

ski-near-chu-lia-air-base.jpg (42959 bytes) patrol-near-hill35-regt.jpg (37683 bytes) ski-outpost-near-hill35.jpg (29758 bytes) ski-outpost-near-hill35-chu.jpg (30907 bytes) patrol-sgt.jpg (46457 bytes) 

1. Ski, near Chu Lai Air Base
2.Patrol near Hill 35, Regt.
3.Ski, outpost near Hill 35, Chu Lai

 l-r-golden,gaughan,madera-h.jpg (45669 bytes) l-r-golden,gaughan,ski,budd.jpg (41948 bytes) l-r-kevorkian,jack,ski,pete.jpg (44326 bytes) l-r-madera,sgt.jpg (29231 bytes) 

1. l-r-Golden, Gaughan, Madera
2. l-r-Golden, Gaughan, Ski, Budd
3. l-r-Kevorkian, Jack, Ski, Pete Dye
4. l-r-Madera, Sgt. Cotton

jackoutpost.jpg (20580 bytes) jack-outpost3.jpg (18988 bytes) jack-outpost-near-hill35-ch.jpg (24346 bytes)

Jack, outpost near Hill 35

  hill69-chu-lia-1.jpg (24254 bytes) em-club-hill-69-chu-lia-196.jpg (50021 bytes) map-of-area-so.jpg (224378 bytes)

1. Hill 69, Chu Lai
2. EM Club Hill 69, Chu Lai
3. Map of area-south

doc-herndon-hill69-chu-lia-.jpg (30161 bytes) smitty-village-near-hill69-.jpg (38012 bytes) karunka-hill69-chu-lia-1966.jpg (30133 bytes) unknown-outpost-near-hill35.jpg (17777 bytes)

1. Doc Herndon, Hill 69 Chu Lai
2. Smitty, ville near Hill 69
3. Karunka, Hill 69
4. Unknown

  kim&ski-village-near-hill69.jpg (29984 bytes) kim-village-near-hill69-196.jpg (35525 bytes) mylee&ski-village-near-hill.jpg (32202 bytes) mylee-village-near-hill69-1.jpg (32996 bytes)

1. Ski and Kim, village near Hill 69
2. Kim
3. Ski and Mylee, village near Hill 69
4. Mylee

jackson&ski-village-near-hi.jpg (34953 bytes) jackson's-sister&ski-villag.jpg (32877 bytes) kidshill69.jpg (26890 bytes) kids-village-near-hill69-19.jpg (17410 bytes) unknown-villae-near-hill69-.jpg (30705 bytes)

1. Jackson and Ski, village near Hill 69
2. Ski and Jackson's sister
3. Kids in ville near Hill 69
4. Unknown ville near Hill 69

two-pf's-hill76.jpg (23924 bytes) singleton,-&-pf-hill76-1967.jpg (46162 bytes)

1. Two PFs, Hill 76
2. Singleton and PF near Hill 76, 1967

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