Rue (left) is at 29 Palms, Randy is at Ft. Leavenworth

My Heroes

    This picture was taken the day my sons served as honor guard for my sister's husband's funeral. They were both close to their Uncle Steve who died at 52 years of age of diabetes and other complications. He was in the Navy, but he was so proud of his nephews in the Marines.

    Those two sons of ours took it upon themselves to stand on each side of the casket at the chapel service, and while the Navy Hymn was played they came from each side walking in unison, stood in front towards the casket, held a salute, then bowed their heads, turned back to back, walked to each end. 

    There wasn't a sound in the chapel, and all eyes never left them, including my sister's who was so proud of Rue and Randy. It was so comforting to her that she had a faint smile on her face as she watched them. Everyone was just speechless. 

    At the cemetery, Rue was the one who handed her the flag. What was even more moving to all was when Rue and Randy went up to the casket, put their hands on it, bowed their heads as the gun salute was sounded. 

    My husband, Robert, a former Marine, was bursting with pride watching our sons honor their uncle. He was their uncle, but  he was a fellow military man who deserved a honorable goodbye. Randy was still in school at Camp Lejeune, but he and his brother performed as good as any seasoned burial detail. 

Semper fi,
Deb Rollins
Proud Mom of Cpl. Rue W. and LCpl. Randall W. Chatfield

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