Jim Cravey and his Viet squad, "Good Soldiers"
July/August 1967

Jim Cravey, Mike 3/5 I served with M Company 3/5-2nd. plt. from 6 Sept. 66 till 8 Nov. 66. I was WIA on Operation MUSTANG along with Reynolds (KIA on UNION) and Riddle. My first squad leader was Sgt. Grif and Cpl. Vernon Ford, and my first fire team leader was St.Clair (later KIA). M company CO was Capt. Pettengill.

When I returned to M Company after my hospital stay at Yoko, Capt. McElroy was the new CO. My plt.cdr. was JD Murray, and the Gunny was Denny Dinota. I was briefly under Sgt. Barlow and then Sgt. Bailey (KIA on UNION).

I stayed with M Company till the 1st part of April. Capt. McElroy was asked by Battalion for people to man the CAC unit and I volunteered, so began my CAC adventure and what an adventure. Our NCOIC Sgt. Swann was KIA on June 8, 67 while leading an Army patrol (of all things). He stepped on a mine and triggered 2 or 3 others. He was a good NCO and a friend. We never supported an Army patrol after that.

During my entire time incountry I was blessed with being under the command of Capts. Pettengill, and especially Capt. McElroy and Lt. JD Murray and later on, Lt. Earl Darlington at CAC; these were fine officers and they deeply cared about the Marines they commanded. Their leadership ability and thoughtfulness saved a lot of our comrades, some of our boys were not that lucky, but they will always be in our hearts.
SEMPER FI, Jim Cravey

Jim Cravey on Hill 35, March 1967
(Gary Carter is in the upper left)

Hill 39
5th Marines Hill prior to UNION, March 1967

Left to Right: Dennis (KIA), Sgt.. ??, Lt. Richards (married Gen. Lou Walt's daughter), Sgt. Howard Bailey (KIA), my squad leader.

Remembering Sgt. Howard Swann
H&S 3/5 and
CAP Kilo 1-4

Sgt. Howard Swann had previously been in 3/5 81's and was on Operation HASTINGS with 3/5-H&S Co.....He was my NCOIC at the CAP unit after I was tranferred in Apr.' 67. After he was killed, the Camp was named after him. He was a great NCO and a GREAT leader...we all missed him that served with him.

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"My squad that I trained...pretty squared away, huh..."

35 Reunion 2002 in La Grange, Georgia
Mike Co. 66-67

Front: D. Krueger, C. Septien, Vernon Ford, JD Murray
Back: S. Lindblom, J. Cravey

Carlos Septien, Jim Cravey, Gen. Ray Davis, Dave Krueger, JD Murray

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