Curtis Eidson
Waco, Georgia
 Fall 2001

Curtis Eidson, India 3/5 I enlisted in the Marines on Feb. 11 1966. I wanted to be a part of the finest in America, and also to wear the "dress blues." As a kid I was always very impressed with the very honorable look of a Marine. I quickly found out what the cost of this honor would be when I was introduced to the "yellow" foot prints at PI. That was a real awakening for this 18 year old. I am sure it is the same for 18 year olds today. I graduated 2002 around mid class I would say.

I joined 3rd Bn. 5th Marines in July 1967, and was assigned to India Company as an 0311/0341. My first operation I assume was a no name, or I joined in the middle of the operation because my records only reflect "counter-insurgency" RVN. 

Following this I was on "COCHISE" Aug. '67, and "SWIFT" Sept. '67, "SHELBYVILLE" Sept. '67, "BAXTER" Oct. '67, "ESSEX" Nov. '67, "AUBURN" Jan. '68, "TET" Jan. '68 (I think this was called "Alamo" or maybe a no name, I was wounded with my first purple heart).

From the middle of Feb. to May, I am told we were at Liberty Bridge and Haivon Pass, "HOUSTON" May '68, "HOUSTON II" May "68, "ALLENBROOK" June '68, "MAMELUKE THRUST" (I was wounded the second time), "HOUSTON IV" Aug. '68, "MAMELUKE THRUST II" Aug. '68. Although I worked with all the platoons and squads, I primarily worked with 1st Platoon as a general rule.

I have been with several other units prior to and after Vietnam, but I have always been and always will be an India 3/5'er. It is an honor to me to be associated in some small way with this unit, and the fine Marines that served our country. I now am retired and live on a small farm in northwestern GA. I try and raise my own food and keep this place up to "par" specks. 

Semper Fi ,

"By the way, I never got to wear a set of Dress Blues"

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RVN Combat History

 The Reb

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Curtis Eidson and Billy Bolton (KIA 30 Jan 68).

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1. Rear area where I kept my GA Flag flying.
2. Curtis and B. J. Hillard, he was killed in TX after he got home.
3.Jack Miller aka "Crazy Miller."
4. The Shitter.

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 Robert Peterson with 60mm (KIA 30 Jan 68).

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 Robert Peterson and B.J. Hillard.

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Mortar crew

 J. R. Webb, Gary Callahan, Bob (Slick) Mowery, Jack (Crazy) Miller, Carl Blankenship (PeeWee). 

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1. Bob "Slick" Mowery.
2. Jake (Butch) Bortscheller
3.Jerry Bain.
4. Front row: L-R ?, ?, ?, J. R. Webb. 
Back row L-R: Jack (Crazy) Miller, Bob Mowery, B. J. Hillard.
5. B. J. Hillard and Jack Miller.

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1. Curtis and Chieu Hoy.
2. Doc Roger Dixon and (Buzz ? He was a Russian.).
3. Buzz.
4. Gary Callahan.

Reunited after more than 30 years!

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1. Curtis and Jerry Bain.
 2. Bob Mowery, Curtis, and Ted Duckworth.
3. Curtis and Joe Anchondo, holding copy of $20 Joe loaned Curtis when they got back to the States 34 yrs. ago. Curtis was finally able to pay Joe back after "finding" him via the internet.
4. India 3/5 Marines Larry Vaught, Ed Groves, and Jake (Butch) Bortscheller.
5. Curtis and Jack "Crazy" Miller.

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Robert Peterson's brother, Babe and wife Bev presenting a quilt they made for Curtis and the India 3/5 Marines Robert served with.

Billy Bolton Memorial

Robert Peterson Memorial

Capt. Henry Kolakowski Memorial

Lt.  John Corr Memorial

Doc Ron Parlee Memorial

Curtis and Brenda Eidson

Operation COCHISE

Operation SWIFT


Operation ESSEX

Operation AUBURN 

Operation ALAMO

Operation HOUSTON

Operation HOUSTON II

India 3/5 Website

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