Steve Lovejoy, M/3/5 2nd plt., 2nd squad 

Steve Lovejoy, Mike 3/5 I departed El Toro on 15 Feb. '67, and we arrived in Okinawa on 17 Feb. Somewhere along the flight was 16 Feb. '67, my 21st birthday. Oh well, so much for that big party! I guess I am a year younger, yeah, right.

Arrived at Chu Lai and was assigned to M/3/5. Upon arrival there was assigned to 2nd platoon, 2nd squad where I stayed until becoming Co. radio operator and driver sometime in the late fall of '67. I was 2nd platoon radio operator on and off until then. WIA on UNION II.

I was 2nd platoon radio operator on SWIFT (Sept. 1967) when I was rescued by Father Cappodano. I do not remember much of what happened on 4 Sept. up until late that night. As I was relating to Chuck Goebel last week (last week in Jan. 2002), "I do not remember anything after the Padre tossed me into the bomb crater until those 50 cal. guns were taken out sometime after midnight. The next thing I recall is the next morning when we went into a ville looking for the remains of those gun emplacements."

I rotated home in mid March '68 shortly after we moved to Phu Bai. Some of the names that I remember and that I would like to hear from (my address book was lost after I returned home) are (): John Lobur; Ralph Ewing, corpsman; Captain James E. Mitchell, CO M Co. late '67 thru at least March '68; Fred Tanke; Kieth Roundsville; Dave Ryan; Ron Mercurio; Lt. Ed Blecksmith, 2nd platoon CO; and Gunny Wilburn. I remember several of the faces on the many slides that I have, but cannot place a name with them. Please forgive me if I spelled any of the above names wrong.

I became a member of the 5th Mar. Div. Band from '68 April until my discharge in Sept. of '69. Went to work as a Letter Carrier '69 Oct. for the USPS and retired last March (2001). As I get older it seems that the memories of those trying times of long ago become more important. It has been great to meet in person, by phone, and by e-mail some of you who I shared some of the most traumatic times of our lives. I hope that this small note will prompt more communication between us.

God Bless and Semper Fi~Steve Lovejoy


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1. Corpsman Ralph Ewing on right, Steve Lovejoy on left.
2 . Steve Lovejoy, and Fred Tanke is on right.
3. Steve Lovejoy, Craig Sullivan, and unknown Marine on the right.

1. I believe this is a picture of Gunny Wilborn.
2. This one may be of a bridge security detail.
John Lobur may be the one facing camera just to the right of radioman.
3. Steve Lovejoy driving the mule, the passenger is John Lund.

Left picture: John Lobur (left) and Steve Lovejoy, 1967
Right picture:
John Lobur (left) and Steve Lovejoy, 2008

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