Roger "Nick" Nicholson

Roger "Nick" Nicholson, Mike 3/5 Served with 1st Platoon Mike 3/5 from 1966-67. Operations include DESOTO, UNION and UNION II, ADAIR, COCHISE, SWIFT, SHELBYVILLE, and ESSEX. WIA on ESSEX, Nov. 8, '67.

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William Little (left) and myself with the knife during a little relaxing time. 
Little was KIA the same time Walker and I were shot on ESSEX, Nov. 8, '67.

Bill Little Memorial

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Standing with hands on hips is Melendez, guy with shovel I think is Schrader, and the Marine with no shirt I believe is Fisher. He was awarded the Navy Cross. He was KIA on Operation Swift, I think, hard to remember things you tried to forget for 30 years. (Jack Swan in back with shirt on).

In the right picture, I think the guy in the foreground is Walker, but I'm not sure. The guy in the back is Roarff, not sure of the spelling.

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  On the left is Sakora, I think, and Woody Draper on the right 
  Hill 69, North of Chu Lai, December 1966 

 Dec. 14th, 3/5 was on  Hill 69 north of Chu Lai. "Mike" had security for two other hills that were a few clicks out. They formed kind of a triangle, platoons would rotate to man the other two hills. The platoon in the rear would run patrols and ambushes around the other two hills. The night of the 14th  I think, one of the hills got hit by a large number of VC. My platoon was in the rear, so we got ready to go out and help, but got the word to stand down. All we could do was watch the fire fight, and the flashes from the grenades going off.

The fight lasted for quite awhile, then a few Marines who survived and made it back to the area told us what happened. The hill was not fortified enough yet and the VC knew it. The VC just swarmed up the hill and over ran it very quickly, the PF's (popular forces) that were on the hill with the Marines did nothing to help fend off the VC. According the survivors they just hid in their bunkers, oh yeah, none of them got hurt. Lucky, you think?

 We found out a few days later that the VC had an ambush waiting at the bottom of the hill to get any help that might show up. We also got word that the VC had been practicing  their tactics on another hill prior to the attack. They had it together that night. It was a terrible thing to have to watch and listen to and not be able to help. That was just one of thousands of battles that went unnoticed except for those who were there. 

14 December 1966

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Cpl. Joe Bowers on left, Ron Mercurio in back, Doc Griggs (Walker thinks it's Griggs) on the right. 
1st Platoon, maybe on Hill 52 in 1967.

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Cpl. Leonard (left pic), he was from W. Virginia. That pic was taken on a hill about 2 or 3 clicks from Hill 52. We had a reinforced squad on the hill. The next bunker down the line was where Charlie Crump shot the little kid (accidentally?). We had to stay up for three days and nights, thinking the gooks were coming to get us, never did. 

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Standing with no shirt (center pic) is Melendez, kneeling with tray is James Overpeck. He was KIA on Operation Union or Swift, not sure. Seabloom and I had to go out and get the Corpsman that went out to get Overpeck after he was shot. Then we went back out and got Overpeck. He seemed to be doing okay, but later died in the hospital. Never did hear how the Corpsman made out, he was hurt pretty bad, also. The black Marine is a Sgt., can't remember his name. 

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Gordy Seabloom

1. Fasion
2. Frank McPeak
3. Bill Vandegriff (far left), can't remember the other names

Operation DESOTO

Operation UNION and UNION II

Operation COCHISE

Operation SWIFT

Operation ESSEX

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