M Company 3/5 Operations

Formed at Camp Pendleton, Ca. Dec. 1965. Initial officers-CO Capt. Pettengill, XO- Lt. Prince, Wpns Plt- Lt. Matthys, 1st Plt-Lt. Keker, 2d Plt-Lt. Murray, and 3rd Plt-Lt. Lindblom.

Spent one month on Okinawa training and preparing to form the Special Landing Force for operations in Vietnam. Spent another month of concentrated training in the jungles of the Philippines.

Operation Information from JD Murray
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M Co. 3/5
Okinawa, '66
(Submitted by Rick Golbeck)

M Co 3/5 Okinawa, Apr-May 1966
(Submitted by JD Murray)

M Co. 3/5, 2nd Platoon
Okinawa '66
(Submitted by Rick Golbeck)

M Co. 3/5, 2nd Platoon
Okinawa '66
(Submitted by JD Murray)

M Co. Operations

18-27 June '66

Song Cau, Phu Yen, Vietnam

DECKHOUSE I, April 1966, Search and Destroy Operation off the USS Princeton.
(Submitted by Stan Watson)

27-30 June '66

In support of the US Army, Vietnam

Memorial Service for Killed In Action on DECKHOUSE I and NATHAN HALE
(Submitted by Chuck Greene)

16-18 July '66

Gio Linh, Quang Tri, Vietnam
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"DECKHOUSE II was the operation along the STREET WITHOUT JOY along the coast. We jumped off into HASTINGS the day we left DECKHOUSE II. HASTINGS was to the west of DH II." JD

18-29 July '66
Operation HASTINGS

Cam Lo, Quang Tri, Vietnam
Completed our Special Landing Force mission and offloaded in Chu Lai, Vietnam.
Picture page

Left: 2nd Platoon, M Co. 3/5
Right:. 3rd Platoon, M Co. 3/5
(Submitted by JD Murray)

M Co. Command Group
(Submitted by JD Murray)

Left to right front row: Arty Fo, JD, Fred Matthys (Wpns Plt), WO (with 81s I think)
Back Row: Air Off., Capt Pettengill CO, Al Mullinex XO

2 Aug. '66
Gen. Lou Walt, CG 1st MarDiv, visited 3/5 in Chu Lai for congrats on our performance in HASTINGS.

Gen.Walt presenting Purple Heart to Carlos Septien for HASTINGS
(Submitted by Carlos Septien)

6-15 Aug. '66

West of Tam Ky in the pineapple forest area

Map of Operation COLORADO
(Submitted by JD Murray)

(Submitted by JD Murray)

Aug. '66
Operation JACKSON

2nd Platoon M Co. 3/5

(Submitted by JD Murray)

(Submitted by JD Murray)

Sept. '66
LtGen. Krulak (The Brute), CGFMFPAC, visited 3/5 in Chu Lai. His son was the battalion Chaplain

5-15 Sept. '66
Operation NAPA

Northwest of Tam Ky

19 Sept. '66
3/5 TAOR expanded to include 2/5 TAOR to the north and west of Hill 49 in Chu Lai

(Submitted by JD Murray)

21-26 Sept. '66
M Co. operations in SE sector of 3/5 TAOR-Chu Lai

28-30 Sept. '66
Operation MONTEREY

Operations in support of 1/5

2 Oct-1 Nov. '66
M Co. OPCON Chu Lai Defense Command--Defense of the Air Field

8-13 Nov. '66
Operation MUSTANG

Co. M operations west of Hill 49, sometimes called Operation STARVATION

(Submitted by JD Murray)

7-12 Dec. '66
Operation CORTEZ

M and K Cos. provided protection for downed aircraft in Que Son Valley.

(Submitted by JD Murray)

14 De. '66
1st Plt. hit BT434058 on Hill 76 (?) near Chu Lai after returning from CORTEZ.

15 Dec. '66
Co. M withdraws from BT434058 and 452038 (Hill 76)

2-5 Jan. '67

M Co(-) operation in TAOR

16-19 Jan. '67
Operation SHEPARD

30-31 Jan '67
Operation SPOILS

Two-day operation to support another unit in Quang Ngai province south of Chu Lai,
before heading to Duc Pho and Operation DESOTO

1-23 Feb. '67
Operation DESOTO

Duc Pho in support of 3/7
Picture page

(Submitted by JD Murray)

19 Apr-17 May '67
Operation UNION

OPCON 1st Marines Que Son Valley
Picture page

Sea Tiger Article about Operation UNION
(Submitted by Frank Jurney)

26 May-6 June '6 7
Operation UNION II

Que Son Valley
Picture page

Sea Tiger article about UNION II
(Submitted by Frank Jurney)

15-24 June '67
Operation ADAIR

25 June-1 July '67
Operation CALHOUN

31 July-3 Aug. '67
Operation PIKE

11 Aug-28 Aug. '67
Operation COCHISE

M Co. security from Tam Ky to Hill 63
Picture page

4-15 Sept. '67
Operation SWIFT

Que Son Valley
Picture page

(Submitted by JD Murray)

22-28 Sept. '67

Que Son Valley

6-17 Nov. '67
Operation ESSEX

Picture page
Aerial map of Antenna Valley
whitlowmap2.jpg (279867 bytes)
(Submitted by "Blackcoat '3" 1/LT Rob Whitlow, USMC,  A.O. - 1st Marine Division)

28 Dec. '67-3 Jan. '68
Operation AUBURN

Picture page

Feb.-Apr. '68
Operation HOUSTON

1-7 May '68
Operation HOUSTON II

Picture Page

18-31 May '68
Picture Page

June-Oct. '68

Picture Page

28 Aug.-9 Sept. '68
Operation SUSSEX BAY

6-9 Oct. '68
Operation MAUI PEAK

10 Nov.-9 Dec. '68
The largest Marine air mobile operation of the war. Six infantry battalions participated, including 3/5

6 Dec. '68-8 Mar. ' 69
Picture Page

26 May-7 Nov. 1969
Operation Pipestone Canyon
Goi Noi Island and Dodge City

18 July-13 Aug. '69
Antenna Valley and the Que Son Mountains

20 Sept. '70
An Hoa Combat Base turned over to ARVNS

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